Heavenly Faded is in CTRL and Here to Stay

The NYC band performed “CTRL” at The Map Room, recorded by Dovile Valuckaite.

Heavenly Faded has far from faded out since their last release! Back with a new single, the band has proven that they’re in control and here to stay.

Heavenly Faded originated as an ambient-alternative rock band in New York City in 2018. Since, they have been hard at work writing, recording, and releasing music. Currently, Heavenly Faded includes Rijk van Zanten (Bass), LP Francisco (Vocals/Guitar), Jared Pease (Drums), and Jake Stamoulis (Vocals/Guitar).

After a Brooklyn Bowl performance and their most well-received records to date with “Cartoon Eyes” and “Constellations,” Heavenly Faded recently released their latest single, “CTRL” on June 5, 2020. The band continues to discover their own unique sound, playing off of influences like Reignwolf and Oasis.

The art for Heavenly Faded's new single, "CTRL."
The art for Heavenly Faded’s new single, “CTRL.”

Much like my other favorite Heavenly Faded tracks such as “Beach Days” and “Constellations,” their latest single is full of attitude. Starting off a steady storm of sound, boomy bass and rippling classic guitar riffs mark the song as something special. The entrance of slanting vocals adds another layer of energy, echoed by the snap in the instrumentals and adding depth to the audio. Static and dynamic all at once, the track moves through differing phases, but never loses its strength or ardor.

Between the delivery of the lyrics and their meaning, there’s a lot of emotion to be found in “CTRL.” Although the chorus is simple, it is catchy and will likely be a favorite for fans to join in when concerts resume: “I wanna be in control / I wanna be in control.” Within the verses, a storyline emerges. Lines like “I know I was born in control / I’d bleed myself dry to get rid of it all” and “So you got no one to blame / Clear the way, only you remain” define the lyrical prowess of a band that is an all-around strong contender for my “Best of” lists to come.

Carefully held in check and ready to explode all at once, “CTRL” certainly suits its name, and is a steady favorite in my books.

The band’s cover of “Cult of Personality” was filmed while in quarantine due to COVID-19.

While Heavenly Faded does not currently have any touring plans (Check back on their website here for updates), they recently released a full-length “quarantine cover” of Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality.”

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