Coming May 5, 2021!
Troubles: A Nonfiction Poetry Book by Alexa O’Kane

This is the story of a child growing up in war-torn Ireland; of a musician who migrated to the United States with only $50 and a guitar to his name; of a man who braved the bridges of New York City and the collapse of the Twin Towers. This is the life of Patrick O’Kane.

From the turbulent streets of Troubles-era Derry to the highest barrels of the George Washington Bridge and beyond, the poems of Troubles explore a daughter’s interpretations of a father’s life that has been anything but ordinary. 

***Available for preorder now!***

Published Poetry

“God Spoke to Me Through the Car Stereo” – The Bryant Literary Review ( Coming May 2021)

“Bowl or No Bowl” – Sage Soup (Coming May 2021)

“Hot & Sour Soup,” “50¢a Cup,” and “The End” – Willard & Maple Issue XXII (Coming May 2021)

“They’ll Tear it Down” – Pinnacle Anthology (May 2019)

Pink Lady of Geneva”

Five Ways of Looking at a Person”


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