Music List

Listening to music is an integral part of becoming a skilled musician. Below is a list (in no particular order) of  a selection of Alexa’s favorite songs and artists. If you’re interested in submitting to the blog, or want to know what to expect when reading, this music list is a great guideline to see what Alexa might be interested in. Some of these artists have even been previously featured on the blog!


  1. “Egg” by Shoe
  2. “Smoko” by The Chats
  3. James Dean by The Wrecks
  4. Why Worry by Set It Off
  5. Satellite by Rise Against
  6. Grey Goose by Carousel Kings
  7. Blue by Safe Bet
  8. Call My Name by Holy Vulture
  9. Sonorous by The Omnific
  10. The Monster by From Indian Lakes


  1. Boston Manor
  2. Tie Goes to the Runner
  3. I Don’t Know How But They Found Me
  4. Jimmy Eat World
  5. Sure Sure
  6. After Hour Animals
  7. Heavenly Faded
  8. Imminence
  9. Doll Skin
  10. Peach Pit

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