The Pink Lady of Geneva: A Transmedia Project

The Pink Lady of Geneva is a transmedia project by Alexa O’Kane based off of an original poem of the same name. The piece follows the mysterious character who moves through time to appear to various people in Geneva, Switzerland. Through a Pantoum-style poem, video, interactive story map, Instagram page, and choose-your-own-adventure game, participants can explore the story and uncover the truth behind a legend thousands of years in the making.

Click the links below to explore!

The Poem

The Lady’s legend began with a Pantoum. Read the poem for yourself before diving into the story!

The Game

Immerse yourself in the Pink Lady’s world with my original choose-your-own-adventure game! Explore Geneva in 1900 with Adelaide, or walk the halls of Roland’s university as you follow the clues left long ago to uncover the mystery of the Pink Lady!

The Curse

The Pink Lady of Geneva is cursed to roam the docks, but why? Watch the video to discover the curse behind the character!

To help the Pink Lady, you must first discover her plight. The answer is in her curse!

The Images

The Instagram account for official sightings of the Pink Lady.

Want to see more modern sightings of the Lady? One adventurer made an Instagram account dedicated to official sightings around Geneva! Their posts include high quality images as well as captions about each sighting submission.

The Story Map

An image of the interactive story map for the pink lady of geneva transmedia project.
Interact with the story map here!

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