Below is a list of the services I offer. Please use the Contact Page to inquire further about pricing and availability.

Artist Biographies

I love creating bios that musicians will proud to send to bloggers, show off on their website, or use to represent their brand. As I feel that it’s important to help make the music industry more accessible where I can, my rates are affordable and fair. My bios come with free edits to ensure that every artist will always be 100% happy with the final result. Please reach out for pricing and samples!

Promotional Music Reviews–Currently Not Accepting Submissions

If you’re interested in submitting your music for a review, please include a request (press releases and information out of context without a request will not be accepted) for the type of piece you want written as well as information such as history, members, plans for the future, lyrics, and other important facts. Pictures with photographer credit are also encouraged. If your request is time sensitive, please include that information as well. My schedule can locked up for two months at a time, so this is very important.

I do not review covers, Rap, EDM, classical, or Hip Hop music. If you’re not sure about your genre, please take a look at past reviews or my music list before submitting. I reserve the right to pass on any project regardless of genre if I am not interested.

Please note the fee for accepted submissions: $10 for a single review, $12 for an EP review, or $15 for a full album review. This must be paid via Venmo or PayPal after you have been accepted, but before the article is published. 

Free Instagram Features

I also offer free Instagram features posted on select Wednesdays! This service highlights artists who need a little extra help to reach new audiences. Because I have a number of applications and limited slots, not all submissions will be featured, or may be featured at a later date. In other words, submission does not guarantee a feature.

Applications can be submitted via email to Please include the artist’s name, Instagram handle, band members (if applicable), one song with lyric information, history, plans for the future, and at least three pictures with photographer credit. Please note that some of these images may be used in the promotional post, so by sending them, you are agreeing to give me permission to post them and that you have the authorization to do so. 

Make sure to state that you would not like a paid blog review, but a free Instagram feature. Clarification may take longer and push back possible publication. 

If you want a better chance of being chosen from the band pool, be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter!

Copy Writing & Editing

As a freelance writer, I offer copy writing and editing services. I can work on projects like blog posts, websites, newsletters, EPKs, and more! Please reach out to me directly if you have a project you would like me to take a look at. Pricing varies based on the nature of the work. I reserve the right to pass on any project for any reason.

Please feel free to reach out via the contact page or email me at if you have questions about my services.


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