It’s No Surprise that Wasting Moonlight’s New Single is a Hit!

It’s no surprise that Wasting Moonlight’s new single is a hit! The four piece alternative rock band based out of Freehold, New Jersey was founded in 2018 by Brandon Glovich(Vocals / Rhythm Guitar) and Luciano Catuogno (Bass), soon joined by Joe Smith (Lead Guitar) and Dominick D’Aversa( Drums) that November.

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In November 2019, the group took their next big step with the release of a music video for “No Surprise,” the introductory track of their debut album, Honestly, I’m Just Angry, which was released December 21, 2019.

The video’s organic aesthetic is highly complementary to the track’s clean, honest rock vocals. With the camera’s positioning and smooth movements throughout the video, it feels like fans are at a show, watching Wasting Moonlight perform live.

“No Surprise” is definitely a track that would shine in a live setting; its catchy, classic instrumentals provide a solid backing for clean, clear vocals, making it easy for fans to follow along with the lyrics (“You take my hand / Guide me to the river / Watch me drown now / I can hear the voices serenade me….). Like most good rock bands, every piece of the puzzle works together to make the track solid as a whole, but each has their own individuality when listened to carefully. In the case of “No Surprise,” the complementary guitar tones were the first detail that caught my attention. The full-feeling rhythm guitar sets a solid foundation, twining with the growling bass to allow the lead guitar its time to add the perfect ratio of climbing riffs into the mix.

The rhythm section was also solid: The measured cymbal hits and energetic kick drum throughout the track blended well with the bassline. Although simple, the bass part does a good job at bridging the gap between rhythm and melody and plugging the gaps in the guitars with well-placed fills.


As the song progresses through its 2:30 running time, the decay of the band in the video does, too! The little touches are what truly matter in a music video, and the gory makeup being layered on is definitely a great way to make a relatively simple performance into something unique and special for the band’s audience.

Perfect for fans of classic, alternative, and punk rock music, Wasting Moonlight’s single is sure to be a crowd-pleaser when played live, or even over the radio.

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