Best Music of Spring 2020!

The members of the band, Quorum, standing together by a brick wall. Blue, purple, and black tones reflect the dynamics of their music.
Quorum is one of the five best of Spring 2020! Image by Chloe Pollard.

It’s that time again! I’m excited to announce my favorite music of the season, highlighting some of the musicians that deserve recognition the most.

While I can only include my top five submissions, please know that if your band/your favorite band wasn’t included, it does NOT mean they lack in any way, it just means that the field is so competitive that only the best of the best (in my opinion) can be considered.

Everything about these submissions was analyzed, from the production of the record as a whole to the quality of each instrument and vocal part. Without further ado, these are my top three records out of submissions from April-May, including singles and EPs:

5. “Blood Runs Cold” by Rags & Riches

As always, the video for Rags & Riches’ single is interesting and dynamic, matching the track in aesthetic and style.

The dystopian atmosphere or Rags & Riches’ music has always intrigued me, and their storytelling abilities in “Blood Runs Cold,” like many of their other songs, makes it impossible to ignore. Between its masterful musicality and lyrics that send a positive message, Rags & Riches definitely deserved a place on this list for “Blood Runs Cold.”

“Their latest release, “Blood Runs Cold,” echoes and enforces the creative talent that helped their previous tracks achieve such success. Made available on all streaming platforms on Friday, April 24th, the track is one that will have a lot of meaning for many listeners, especially now.

According to Tanner (Vocals), ‘Blood Runs Cold’ is something we had been working on for quite some time, but it couldn’t have been more relevant for the times we are living in.’ The song, written from the perspective of a teenager who just can’t seem to find their place or fit in, its storyline is about how ‘they find their niche and stand out by being true to who they are.'”

Explore the Social Abyss with Rags & Riches’ New Single, “Blood Runs Cold”

4. “Purple Skies” by Klemntyna


“Purple Skies” showcases the depth of Klemntyna’s smooth vocals.

Klemnyna was inspired by New York City’s sunsets, and it shows in her rolling, smooth vocals. Showcasing a place close to my heart, New York City’s magic shines through in the longing vocals and minimalist instrumentals of “Purple Skies.”

“‘Purple Skies’ showcases the hard work and thought behind Klemntyna’s music career. Long inspired by Scandinavian music and Nordic-style sounds, Klemntyna blends her unique interests with the “rawness and futurism” that she found from the inspirations of the city to create something all her own.

The song begins with ambient, echoing instrumentals reminiscent of a quiet New York night. Klemntyna’s gentle, sweet vocals enter like a wave rolling in, rippling over the rippling surface of the backing track as it almost imperceptibly builds towards the first chorus.”

Explore the Purple Skies of NYC with Klemntyna

3. “Come Follow Me” by Jame Doe

The video for “Come Follow Me” showcases Jame’s personality in its beautiful single art.

“Come Follow Me” is a fun summer track that is impressive all around. Jame knows who he is, and his style shines through in every part of his music and persona. This track is one that lifts your spirits, making you dance in your chair as you listen.

“Every individual element of “Come Follow Me” feels integral to the track as a whole. With every listen, there’s another well-placed detail to discover: a fill here, a well-phrased line there—it’s all purposeful and well-done. Even placement of vocals and space between the notes work well towards the overall picture of the track. For its catchy vocals, dance-able instrumentals, and all-around good vibes, “Come Follow Me” could very easily be a new summer playlist staple.”

Meet Jame Doe: Avant-Garde Fashion Enthusiast, Plant Lover, and Electro-Pop Vocalist

2. “You” by Giovanna Crescenzo

“You” by Giovanna Crescenzo amazed me in every way.

Even if Giovanna’s beautiful vocals and masterful composition weren’t enough to land her on this list, her ingenuity in writing an ode to the moon definitely was! I loved every facet of “You,” and so did the over 700 people that viewed the original article on the song. They have great taste!

“Sweetly melodic and divine in its composition, “You” features mysterious, twinkling instrumentals and syrupy vocals. Giovanna’s clear, saccharine voice glides over the echoes of piano, twisting as it rises and falls throughout the track, highlighting the lyrics. Giovanna’s poetic talents come into play from the very first verse, her expert lyricism flowing through the track’s smooth diction….”

Songwriter and Producer Giovanna Crescenzo Refuses to Water Herself Down

1.”Boyfriend” by Quorum

The video for Quorum’s single, “Boyfriend,” shouldn’t be missed.

From the moment I first listened to Quorum’s music, I knew they were a special group. Both the audio and music video for “Boyfriend” have just the right mix of fun, flirty, and individuality that can catch a listener’s attention and make them a full-time fan. Between their unique style, catchy choruses, and musical range, I have a feeling this UK-based band is going places, and I want to watch them every step of the way.

“A cheeky, undeniably catchy track, “Boyfriend” has all the makings of a hit single. Perfect for fans of pop, rock, and alternative music, “Boyfriend” features unique, sweet vocal melodies that flow over the instrumentals in a way that makes it hard not to nod along. Strong harmonies and perfectly-placed pauses create a sense of movement within every measure, giving the track a depth that is only emphasized by soft, steady percussion, blended bass, and twinkling guitar lines.”

Meet Quorum, Your New Favorite Band

Which tracks from spring 2020 were your favorites? Tell me how our rankings compare in the comments!

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