Meet Jame Doe: Avant-Garde Fashion Enthusiast, Plant Lover, and Electro-Pop Vocalist

Jame Doe shows off his love off avant-garde fashion in a purple, fluffy outfit.
[Jame Doe is an electro-pop vocalist who sings about boys, getting older, and feeling lost in the big blue sea.]

Who is Jame Doe?

According to the Portland-based artist, Jake Moffet, who creates under the persona, Jame Doe is “an electro-pop vocalist who sings about boys, getting older, and feeling lost in the big blue sea.” His inspiration comes from artists like Years and Years, Elton John, Adele, and Fleetwood Mac, as well as his personal interests in avant-garde fashion, plants, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Jame Doe’s latest release is an EP that consists of tracks “Come Follow Me” and “Naked.”

“Come Follow Me” is an ambient, groovy track that’s perfect for any summer playlist. Light, airy vocals and a pattering of bass guitar notes blend with catchy percussion rhythms to make an overall well-produced song.

Every individual element of “Come Follow Me” feels integral to the track as a whole. With every listen, there’s another well-placed detail to discover: a fill here, a well-phrased line there—it’s all purposeful and well-done. Even placement of vocals and space between the notes work well towards the overall picture of the track. For its catchy vocals, dance-able instrumentals, and all-around good vibes, “Come Follow Me” could very easily be a new summer playlist staple.

“Naked” is a very different song from “Come Follow Me” in its aesthetic and style, but it still fits well as a part of Jame Doe’s latest EP. More focused on the vocals, “Naked” features gentle instrumentals that serve to support and highlight Jame Doe’s lyrical storytelling and impressive voice. Reaching out to someone special, the lyrics are compelling and genuine, but capture feelings that will be familiar to many: “Even though we don’t talk anymore / You’re the first person I let see me naked / You were the first person I let see me like that.”

Allowing another person in mentally and physically is a difficult process, so losing them can be even more painful, leaving one or both parties wondering what things might have been like if things were different. Jame Doe encapsulates this strange longing perfectly; many listeners will be able to connect with “Naked” easily thanks to its relatability as well as its heartfelt delivery and sound.

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