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[The art for “Time” by Conrad Ashton, created by Alex Close Design. Used with permission for review purposes.]
Time is a luxury that many of us take for granted, but Conrad Ashton knows firsthand the importance of making the most of the minutes we have with not only the people we care about, but also ourselves.

A rock-based singer-songwriter from Spennymoor County in Durham, England, Conrad released his newest single, “Time,” today (Friday, May 22nd). The track is about how, “more or less, there is no stopping time. You have to make the most of life and the time you have here,” Conrad explains.

In the past, Conrad has played live with The Paisley Royals, Sam Caldwell, and the Filthy Janes and worked with Stuart Campbell and Blast recording in Newcastle. The highlight of his career to date was playing at The Zanzibar in Liverpool.

Inspired by artists like The Beatles, The Who, and Oasis, among others, Conrad writes what he knows in the hopes that it resonates with others. He “wanted the production style [of “Time”] to be really in your face and taking hold from the first beat” to show listeners that he really means what he says in the track.

[Conrad Ashton wants to be known as an artist who likes to have fun, but is also serious about his music. image by Sophie Donoghue, used with permission for review purposes. 
“Time” doesn’t waste a single moment to lead listeners gently into the track, instead throwing us straight into the action. Conrad’s classic rock-style vocals pack just the right punch to punctuate the steadiness of the track’s steady instrumentals, providing a distinctive aesthetic that blends old and new.

The lyrics carry the thoughts and regrets that many of us have when we think about our lives so far: “Just relax, but gotta move / Get dancing into your own groove / Stay strong; let others ride your train / Thanks for getting me through another day / Believe me, I know / It happened in your life / It’s happening in mine / It’s a killer, and it’s called time.” 

Much like the concept of time itself, Conrad’s latest release has a broad, relatable scope, but it also doesn’t shirk the details. Lines like “My old street feels like yesterday / And since then my world has all slipped away / My head feels like it’s been in a war / I ask myself, could I have done more?” carry that extra special something that specifics lend to a track’s credibility and distinctiveness. 

“Time” does a wonderful job of describing the phenomenon that every single one of us experience day-to-day, whether we realize it or not.

Before the end of 2020, Conrad plans to release a new EP. Once venues begin to open after the pandemic, he would love to gig again. In the meantime, Conrad enjoys staying fit and rooting for the Liverpool Football Club.

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