Meïa is an Angel in New York City

To many, New York City is a place of dreams. To others, it’s full of nightmares. But for Meïa, a singer-songwriter from Barcelona who recently relocated to New York, the city that never sleeps is a place full of angels.

Known for winning over her audience’s hearts with her unique, eclectic themes of love, dreams, and social issues, Meïa embraces both introspective and electric performance styles. Her songs are written in both Spanish and English, and her music has won multiple awards, including “Best Piece of Music” for her song, “Be Gentle My Love,” from Aphrodite Film Awards in New York City in July 2018; “Best Original Score,” “Best Screenplay,” and “Best Music Video” with “Beyond the Angle of Horror” from Pinnacle Film Awards in Hollywood Hills, California in November 2018; and most recently, an honorable mention award from Independent Shorts Awards and an award from the Los Angeles Motion Picture Film Festival for her last music video, “Under the Sky of Your Tough Love.”

One of Meïa’s latest releases, titled “Angles in New York City” relates to her new home in New York, and is poised to join her other tracks on the path to success.

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Beginning with spacey instrumentals and airy vocals, “Angels in New York City” features bluesy swings and poppy synth behind lyrics that tell the story of struggle and hope in New York City: “When I was a child / I’d speak to god but I couldn’t hear a thing / And then I grew up / Destiny whispered into my dreams / All of the time the signs were there / Held up by angels, up in the air/ Touched by musicians in strange affairs / In lush dive bars and subway stairs /And when you feel you can’t go on / Angels are here, just look around.”

Meïa’s soft vocals mix well with the synth-pop feel of the instrumentals to create an overall uniquely-styled track. To me, lines like “Touched by musicians in strange affairs / In lush dive bars and subway stairs,” and “Wolf’s eyes / Thirst for your blood / Swim to the surface, but drown in the flood” stand out as particularly poetic and well-written, making the lyrics one of the stand-out elements of “Angels of New York City.” The angelic metaphor is one that is timeless, yet free-standing all on its own—a more than appropriate choice for its subject matter.

An ode to the mixed feelings New York can instill in its occupants, “Angels of New York City” is a beautiful portrayal of the loneliness, hope, and magnificence of the city from a newcomer’s unique perspective. 

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