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As a music reviewer, I listen to more music in one week than many people do in a year. While I connect personally with the music of the majority of the bands I write about, it’s rare for me to truly love someone’s music so much that I listen to it over and over in my free time.

For me, Quorum is one of those bands that just wiggled their way into my heart on the first listen. Since then, their tracks, “Boyfriend” and “Things Don’t Last” have been staples on my daily listening playlists for work, working out, and pretty much everything in between.

Based in Devon in the southwest United Kingdom, Quorum includes brothers Jake (Guitar) and Mack (Drums), as well as longtime best friends Jordan (Vocals) and Noah (Bass). The boys of Quorum all grew up together, and Jordan and Mack even work together in their own barbershop when they’re not busy creating music inspired by The 1975, SWMRS, and the Arctic Monkeys.

One of Quorum’s latest tracks, “Boyfriend” was one of three songs recorded at Momentum Studios in Plymouth. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Josiah Manning of the Kris Barris Band, and served as the first of the series to be released in February 2020. The accompanying video was produced by James Fidge of Yeah Dawgie.

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[Quorum is a band made up of life-long friends. All images by Chloe Pollard.]

A cheeky, undeniably catchy track, “Boyfriend” has all the makings of a hit single. Perfect for fans of pop, rock, and alternative music, “Boyfriend” features unique, sweet vocal melodies that flow over the instrumentals in a way that makes it hard not to nod along. Strong harmonies and perfectly-placed pauses create a sense of movement within every measure, giving the track a depth that is only emphasized by soft, steady percussion, blended bass, and twinkling guitar lines.

The lyrics of “Boyfriend” match its teasing sound, telling the story of unrequited attraction on a night out: “Let’s get out of here / Let’s get out of here, please / I want somebody to hold / You wanna give it a go? / Well, so let’s give it a try / I know somewhere we can go / She’s got a boyfriend, so no / Well, maybe some other time.”

Perfectly-suited to its accompanying video, “Boyfriend” shows off Quorum’s fresh, playful personality in every way possible.

Besides “Boyfriend,” Quorum boasts a strong list of other tracks ready to win your heart. One of my other favorites, “Things Don’t Last,” was released three years ago, and has more of a punk aesthetic than “Boyfriend,” but still emphasizes the band’s wide range of talent. Grittier vocals and grungy guitar lines give way to a harder, twangier bass tone and crashing cymbals, providing “Things Don’t Last” with that bold punk feel fans of bands like Boston Manor and Knuckle Puck will appreciate.

“Boyfriend’s” sister songs, “Go” and “Doubts,” also do not disappoint. Released April 18th, “Go” is a lighter, brighter track than “Boyfriend,” but still highlights Jordan’s characteristic vocals. With a chorus full of grungy guitar and bouncing percussion, “Go” emphasizes the dynamic abilities of every instrument in a way that prevents each element from overwhelming the others.

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[“Boyfriend” shows off Quorum’s personality in the best way possible.]

“Doubts” continues the evolution of Quorum’s sound with bright basslines and light cymbal hits, creating a beautiful backing for the vocals to come out in the chorus. The lyrics, obviously crafted with care in phrasing and delivery, also stand out in their story and voice: “Your pretty eyes aren’t enough this time / This time / Don’t you know that I can see through you / I thought you did but now I’m having my doubts / I know I know, yeah, I know you / You leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth / I used to think I was a narcissist / Maybe I still do….” Auditorily poetic, the lyrics of “Doubts” also have depth in their evidence of self-analysis after a relationship gone wrong, a situation many listeners will relate to.

Because Quorum wants to film a video for “Doubts,” but are currently in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, there is not yet a set release date for the track.

Although times are uncertain, Quorum’s aim for the future is to keep making music, having fun, and entertaining fans. Although they have only been working seriously on this project for the past eighteen months, Quorum seems to have found their sound, and want to continue making progress. They have new music ready to record, and they can’t wait to get back on stage once it’s safe to do so.

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