Coronavirus: Musicians Speak Out (Episode 3)

Coronavirus is everywhere. It’s impossible to go on social media without running into death tolls, photographs of overflowing hospitals, or at the very least, a meme. We all know that things aren’t ideal for anyone right now, but some industries are faring worse than others, the music industry being one of the most challenged so far.

Without performances, merchandise sales, and an active fan base, musicians have nothing. Thanks to the impacts of crucial social distancing measures, the music industry is plummeting into a hole it may not be able to scrabble back out of for a long time. But what about local musicians? What happens when they can’t perform or pay their bills?

I’ve gathered some of my site’s favorite artists to talk about the impact of current events on their careers and creativity over past few posts, and this is no exception. In fact, the artists featured in episode three are especially in need of your help for the success of their benefit project!

Quarantine Dream

While the title of the project may not be familiar to regular readers, one of the names behind it should be: Ted Hajnasiewicz. Together with Ryan Rud (Frequency Collisions, The Rabbit Hole radio program), Ted has helped to create a collective of Minnesota musicians who are collaborating to make music remotely during this time of social distancing.

Started with the goal to create a digital album to benefit a Minnesota musician who is battling cancer amid Coronavirus, Quarantine Dream began when Ryan and Ted started collaborating online as a way to kill time while staying at home. Their co-writing led to deeper conversations, and from there, Ryan came up with the title, and the two decided they wanted to bring in other musicians and help one of their own in need.

Quarantine Dream.png

Now, with around twenty different artists contributing to the album, Quarantine Dream is currently being written, produced, and put together with the goal of release for early or mid May. You can support the efforts by purchasing the album once its out, as well as listening to the current and future music of its creators.

Check out Quarantine Dream here. Proceeds go to benefit Jessa Roqet, stage name “Gambler’s Daughter.” You can also support Jessa on her GoFundMe.

Ted Hajnasiewicz is a singer-songwriter who creates and performs under his own unpronounceable name (hi-nah-SHEV-its). He has been in and out of the Minneapolis music scene for over thirty years, and has opened for Soul Asylum, the Lemonheads, and Smashing Pumpkins over the course of his career so far.

This is What Ted Does: A Review of Ted Hajnasiewicz’s Upcoming Album

Ryan Rud is the sole musician of Frequency Collisions, a project dedicated to delving into music of all kinds, although many of today’s creations are instrumental. Ryan also hosts a weekly radio program, The Rabbit Hole, on Fuzztalk Radio, and has been a part of the Minneapolis music scene for over twenty five years as parts of successful acts like the Rockford Mules and Sadie Foster.

Fuzztalk Radio


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