Don’t be a Dummy–Listen to Flagman’s New Single!

Dummy Art.jpg
[“Dummy” is Flagman’s latest release. Pictured above: The single art for “Dummy,” provided for use with review purposes.]
Since you have so much time on your hands now, why not listen to a band that made both my Best of Winter 2019 and Best of 2019 lists? You’d be a dummy not to!

Flagman, an Orland, Florida-based rock group includes Cody Singleton (guitar/backup vocals), Grand Freeman (drums), and Sam Stewart (bass and lead vocals). Cody and Sam have been writing together since August 2015, and the band has been playing live since the summer of 2016.

Flagman recently released their latest single, “Dummy,” to all streaming platforms, and I am thoroughly impressed with it.

Cody Live.jpg
[Flagman’s guitarist, Cody, wearing a cool hat. Image provided for use with review purposes.]
Perfect for fans of offbeat, intense tracks, “Dummy” features aggressive instrumentals and a dynamic mix of high and low vocals that mix for the perfect 1:42 seconds of hard rock bliss.

The track begins with a buzzing bassline that is soon joined by sharp guitar notes and drum hits, emphasizing the rhythms of the instrumentals behind the low, growling vocals. Every moment counts as the song moves through its verses and choruses, rising and falling with the driving instrumental forces that make Flagman the perfect listen for Primus die-hards. The energy behind every note of “Dummy” stands out, particularly in the vocals as they rise in intensity and pitch, devolving into a screech that couldn’t possibly come from a person, but somehow does. While the lyrics of “Dummy” aren’t too complicated (“A dummy is a dummy, I don’t care what you say!”), the focus is definitely on the technique and solid sound that the vocals and instrumentals themselves bring to the table. Talent oozes from every well-placed rhythm of “Dummy,” proving Flagman is a band to watch out for.

[Flagman posing in a bathroom, fitting to match their track “Toilet Town,” from their previous album, Gibberish. Image provided for use with review purposes.]
While many of Flagman’s plans are currently on hold due to Coronavirus closures, look out for their upcoming album, or check out their previous release, Gibberish, for more quarantine entertainment.

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