Best Albums of Winter 2019!

It’s summer, but better late than never!

Throughout the past six or so months, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing amazing music from artists that I previously enjoyed, but also those who were new to me. While I was impressed by many of the bands who sent in music to be reviewed, there are albums that still stick out in my mind when I’m asked for music recommendations. Please keep in mind that this was an incredibly difficult decision!

These are my top three albums from Winter 2019 submissions from January-March, NOT including EPs:

3. Lay My Head Down by Broken Field Runner

“Broken Field Runner is putting out a new record! “Lay My Head Down” will be released on Jetsam-Flotsam records one single and music video at a time. The first release, “Put an Ocean Between my Self-Pity and Me,” came out on January 29, 2019.

Broken Field Runner is known for its slow, sometimes noisy indie style with singer-songwriter tendencies in the vein of Pedro the Lion, Mansions, and Weatherbox. In the past, they have released a full length record, “Clear a Heaven so This Earth Can Breathe” as well as a split record with Gifthorse on Secret Audio Club Records….

Broken Field Runner’s latest album is a doozie! It starts off with the already released track, “Put an Ocean Between my Self-Pity and Me.” The track begins with a slow heartbeat of drums combined with ambient, breathy vocals that highlight its title. Gradually, the tension builds behind the drawn-out vocals as more instruments are added and the song flows through its climax and ending, which features a series of voice recordings.

“Put an Ocean Between my Self-Pity and Me” is quite relaxing. Its fluid, melodious tones remind me of something From Indian Lakes would put out, and I’d definitely add it to my Me Time playlist to combine with some awesome Lush products!” –Broken Filed Runner: Lay My Head Down

2. Temporary Cemetery by Raid the Quarry

“From the musings of frontman, Daniel Stidham (Vocals/Guitar) and Brian Rogers (Lead Guitar) comes a record with all new techniques and a fresh sound. The band, also including the implacable onstage energies of Aaron Farnsworth (Bass) and Trey Yoder (Drums), used instruments played through loud amplifiers with minimal effects—and the experiment paid off!

Overall, the album is a fresh take on rock traditions with an abundance of energy. Perfect for fans of alternative or modern rock, Temporary Cemetery is an album to watch out for.” –Raid the Quarry

1. Gibberish by Flagman

“For a first album (or any album in general), Gibberish rocks! Out since May of 2018, Gibberish is the first album of Flagman. The three-piece includes Cody Singleton (guitar/backup vocals), Grand Freeman (drums), Sam Stewart (bass and lead vocals). Cody and Sam have been writing together since August 2015, and the band has been playing live since the summer of 2016.

Since Flagman is about to go into the studio for their second album, we may as well enjoy the first while we wait!

As a whole, Gibberish is an extremely professional, well-recorded first album. If I had not known it was a debut, I wouldn’t have been able to guess. I am thoroughly impressed with this record, and if you don’t listen to it, you’re definitely missing out!” –Review: Gibberish by Flagman




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