Bad Ties Returns with “Venus Infers”

The single artwork for Venus Infers by Bad Ties
The artwork for Venus Infers by Bad Ties

Bad Ties has proven that poetry can be pretty cool, and their latest release, “Venus Infers” only solidifies their point.

Based out of Asheville, North Carolina, since 2017, Bad Ties takes wordplay to a new level with their experimental mix of spoken word, jazz, and post-punk to create a brand new style of beat poetry. The work of Garland Wells (Poet), Jacob Moran (Producer), and Billy Reed (Bass) is truly one of a kind.

The band’s previous release, titled Music 4 No One Vol. 1, was their fourth LP. Sid Saravanan mixed and mastered the record, which is focused on themes of heartbreak, displacement, and substance abuse. Music 4 No One Vol 1 was released on December 14, 2019 at a celebratory hometown show.

Joined by Steven Alvarez, the band now releases their latest single, “Venus Infers,” today (June 29, 2020). Much like their previous tracks, “Venus Infers” is a poetic exploration of story, character, and setting put to the musical musings of the talented artists of Bad Ties.

The track gets into the thick of things with dreamy bass, staccato drum beats, and loaded keyboard, all ready to spring into the story. Steadily creating an ambiance to help set the scene for the story, the instrumentals steady behind the vocals. Soon, the bass breaks free, its rhythms echoing the vocals’ rise and fall. The lyrics are delivered in spoken-word style, their balance wavering to reflect the story as it grows and swells.

The lyrics of “Venus Infers” follow a male character through a night of debauchery, describing his questionable antics from afar: “Perhaps he was naive, or disgusting. Perhaps even disgustingly naive. / He thought little of the lives of those he saw walking the streets of his city, his city that he loved more than anyone of matched DNA.  / It was on those dark autumnal Friday’s that he allowed a few hours to be devoted to the carnal wonders of the world.  / The glittered nametag spelling out Venus in bad emboldened cursive. She’s not wearing any furs. / The approach is where the smoothness happens, / Where his gothic french mind reaches through and taps a well paid muse on the glossy shoulder.”

The lyrics use a disconnected-yet omniscient third-person narrator to allow us to feel as if we’re held at a distance, appraising the story from afar. The technique is beautifully subtle and unique when combined with the off-beat diction and high level of detail. Like many of Bad Ties’ other releases, “Venus Infers” is utterly breathtaking.

Bad Ties’ upcoming EP includes “Venus Infers” and is set to be released in mid-August under the title There Will Be Beauty. There Will Be Violence.

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