Heavenly Faded’s New Single Shines Bright

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“From their origins as an ambient-alternative rock band in New York City, Heavenly Faded have been writing, recording, and setting the stage ablaze…since 2018.” Formed after three of the members left a previous band due to creative differences, Heavenly Faded is made up of Rijk van Zanten (Bass), Luis Payero (Vocals/Guitar), Stanley Augonis (Drums), and Danny Morrison (Vocals/Guitar), who joined up after the group was initially formed.

After a Brooklyn Bowl performance and their biggest release to date with “Cartoon Eyes,” Heavenly Faded is releasing their latest single, “Constellations,” to be released today (November 22, 2019)!

“Constellations” begins with a building of tension in the guitar and percussion lines. Rhythmic, methodical riffs make way for the classically indie-rock vocals, which are perfectly suited to the unassumingly powerhouse instrumentals. The bassline, albeit not at the forefront, is well-suited to the track, working with both the guitars and the drummer to create a balanced mix of rhythm and melody through the track’s twists and turns. Even throughout tempo changes and during less-saturated sections, every beat obviously matters to every member of Heavenly Faded; measures are clearly planned and practiced to create a semblance of effortlessness that makes for easy listening. The work put into the single is clear even to the untrained ear throughout every dip and sway of the song.

Although they are not the focus of such a dynamically-instrumental track, the lyrics of “Constellations” also do not disappoint. Musical and poetic in their own way, the words of each verse tell their own action-packed story: “Lick your wounds and get back in action / Nothing’s gonna stop you short this time / A million lives in a second’s fraction / Head spinning in a different state of mind / Pourin’ fuel on a firecracker / Light it up and burn it down the wire / Crooked smile in a sea of laughter / Go ahead and throw me in the fire.”

Overall, I can confidently say that Heavenly Faded’s “Constellations” is definitely a track that will make it to my regular listening rotation.


[Image by Jamary Bobe]

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