Announcement: Finals Hiatus & Price Change!

Hi, readers! Thank you so much for being here. I truly appreciate every read, like, and comment this blog receives, and I work hard to make every post the best that it can be. With this being said, I have decided in the best interest of my blog, grades, and mental health to announce a brief hiatus for the final weeks of my college semester.

Unlike in the past, this is not a complete hiatus. I will be posting on select dates during my break, but not scheduling additional posts or following my typical Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. The details for the hiatus are as follows:

11/22/19 Friday: Music Review

11/25/19 Monday: Holiday Music Post

11/28/19: Thanksgiving Post

11/6/19: Music review

The week of December 9th will not have any posts in order to allow for preparation for the winter season. Regularly scheduled posts will resume on December 16th.

December 16th through December 30th, music review submission fees will remain the same at $5/single review and $10/EP or album review. Starting with the post on January 1, 2020, there will be a slight price increase, and submission fees will then be $10 for a single review, $12 for an EP review, and $15 for an album review.

Please feel free to reach out to submit your music for December and January if you are interested; I will still be actively responding to emails and messages on social media.

Thanks for reading and have a happy finals season!


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