Best Songs of Winter 2019

Throughout the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing amazing music from artists that I previously enjoyed, but also those who were new to me. While I was impressed by many of the bands who sent in music to be reviewed, there are songs that still stick out in my mind when I’m asked for music recommendations. Please keep in mind that this was an incredibly difficult decision!

These are my top three songs from Winter 2019 single submissions from January-March, NOT including songs that came as a part of a full album:

3. “Virtual Hugs” by Bear Shoe

“The song picks up a quiet energy with the addition of more instruments that sweep up the warmth and offer it in the strength many people need to carry on in times of heartbreak or confusion. “Virtual Hugs” is a great combination of musical quality and solid lyricism.” – “Need A Hug? Ask Bear Shoe!” Full Review

2. “Ghost” by The Echo Exchange

“The meaning behind the lyrics of “Ghost” is scarily relevant in today’s society. According to the band, the track was written to address the cultural phenomenon of “ghosting.” “It speaks to the overall journey of dating and how you negotiate its pitfalls and corners, but also how you will be okay.” The Echo Exchange strives to show that although ghosting is all too common today, someone is out there for everyone and it will all turn out okay!” —“Feature: The Echo Exchange” Full Review

1.”No Place For People Like Us” by Opposite Box

“I loved the mix of styles showcased throughout the song; nothing felt out of place despite the wide range it covers. In the first four minutes, I felt the seventies come to life in a burst of jazz, but when this faded into a more stylistic progressive portion, I was equally as intrigued. I loved the heavier, swaying tones of the bass guitar that faded into the wide, sweeping synthetic tones towards the halfway point of the track as well.

When “No Place for People Like Us” picks back up after its intergalactic interlude, the tones blend seamlessly once more and the energy somehow increases, like a boost button was pushed. I didn’t want the song to ever end.

I would truly love to witness this being played live.” –“Opposite Box’s Odyssey of Genius” Full Review

Do you agree with my picks? Comment below! Stay tuned for my top albums of winter 2019 and feel free to make your own top picks.





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