Need a Virtual Hug? Ask Bear Shoe!

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Still lonely after Valentine’s Day? Luckily for you, Bear Shoe is here to give you “Virtual Hugs,” their newest single! Recorded by Will Thornton and Massimo Bottaro (who also mixed) and mastered by Alex McArthur, “Virtual Hugs” will be released today! If you’re lucky enough to be near Guildford, be sure to check out the band’s single release show at the Star Inn.

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A warm acoustic guitar introduces “Virtual Hugs,” leading us into smooth, frank vocals. The phrasing of each line allows the lyrics to really stand out, taking listeners on a journey many of us have been on before in real life. Soon, the song picks up a quiet energy with the addition of more instruments that sweep up the warmth and offer it in the strength many people need to carry on in times of heartbreak or confusion. “Virtual Hugs” is a great combination of musical quality and solid lyricism.

The balance of relatability and specifics is a large part of what makes “Virtual Hugs” so special. Lyrics like, “To talk about everything/Like what marshmallows are made of/Or if bees know they die when they sting” add unique specifics to more classic lines such as “But there’s something about the/Way you look at me like I’m perfect,” which allows the song to truly read like poetry and sound like a welcoming, warm hug.


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Bear Shoe is an alternative punk/indie band from Guildford, Uk. It formed when its four members became friends through Surrey University’s music society in October 2017. The current lineup includes Matthieu Thienpont (Vocals/Guitar), Marcus Bagshawe (Guitar), Elkan Lau (Bass), and Ben Waites (Drums, Backing Vocals). Before “Virtual Hugs,” Bear Shoe previously released a four track EP and have another series of four songs lined up to be released over the course of 2019.

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