Bass Review: Retro Sonic Blue Gamma


If you couldn’t tell, I have an affinity for Gamma basses! Although this bass is not mine, I have had the opportunity to play it enough that I feel comfortable reviewing it, and have also had the input of its owner, Derek.

Below, I have outlined the five categories that are most important to me when I’m rating a bass. This is purely my opinion and preferences for my instruments, but I hope it might help give you an idea of what it would be like to own one.

Sound 8/10

I really enjoy the punchiness of the neck pickup mixed with the mellow tones of the bridge pickup. It gives the bass a lot of variety in terms of being able to blend well with other instruments and into a variety of styles. However, sometimes it is a bit lacking in terms of how punchy it can be because of that mellow bridge pickup, so it does have limits.

Appearance 9/10

This paint color is gorgeous! I love the retro style blue tone and the look of the painted headstock. The only thing I might like to experiment with is the pickguard, but that’s just because I’m never a huge fan of red tortoise shell. However, it does suit the retro style of the bass.

Weight 7/10

While Derek has no issues with the weight of this bass, I sometimes do, as it is heavier than my own, albeit still lighter than most other brands.

Fretboard 9/10

The fretboard on the Retro Sonic Blue is maple, which is a bit unique for the Gamma. It has a nice feel to it and sounds great.

Durability 9/10

Derek has never really had a problem with the durability of the bass thus far other than when it arrived. In shipping, the input jack became loose and he had to have it repaired, but Joey (the Gamma bass builder) ensured that everything was taken care of, which was great. Derek hasn’t had an issue since.

Overall Score



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