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In the early days, The Echo Exchange emerged as a free-flowing jam band featuring D.J. Moore (guitar), Wes Gibbens (drums), and Bod Robinson (bass) and established themselves as a dreamy yet hard-driven rock group. The addition of frontwoman Tess Krukow and Josh Rau on keys and saxophone upped their game even further, creating the band we know (and many will love!) in the present day.

In fact, the group’s latest release, “Ghost,” comes out today!


“Ghost” is sure to please The Echo Exchange’s current fans, as well as draw new ones. The single begins with intergalactic synth-like tones that lead us into a new galaxy with the addition of Tess Krukow’s dreamy, lyrical vocals. The mix is well-driven, propelling the instrumentals forward into a quietly dramatic mini guitar solo. I would have loved to be able to hear more of the lower end, especially the bassline, but the higher end does a fantastic job in providing the vitality to the track.

The meaning behind the lyrics of “Ghost” is scarily relevant in today’s society. According to the band, the track was written to address the cultural phenomenon of “ghosting.” “It speaks to the overall journey of dating and how you negotiate its pitfalls and corners, but also how you will be okay.” The Echo Exchange strives to show that although ghosting is all too common today, someone is out there for everyone and it will all turn out okay!

Fans of Sheppard, Strange Machines, and Lawson will adore “Ghost” and should definitely listen to The Echo Exchange’s other tracks.


In the past, The Echo Exchange produced their debut EP, Insights, which also includes their debut single, “We Go Down.” These, too, are definitely worth a listen!

Insights is full of fluid, honeyed vocals and catchy riffs that are sure to please a variety of audiences. The vocals are well-balanced and blended with the instrumentals while still leaving the breathing room necessary to keep each track airy and enjoyable.

One of the star tracks from Insights, “Gotta Go,” is full of quiet vitality, bringing even more life to the album. Although I wish the bassline was higher in the mix, the track thrives with the vocals in the forefront, driving the music. Even in the more hushed portions of the song, there is a certain sparkle that makes it special.


The Echo Exchange has recently returned from LA where they recorded an episode for Musicology which will air on PBS in seventeen states in the summer of 2019. The show includes a feature of the band recording as well as an interview segment to introduce the audience to the band.

In 2019, The Echo Exchange is also planning to go on a small west coast tour and break into the festival scene.


You can connect with the band through social media via the following links!



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