Show Experience: Young the Giant & Sure Sure


There’s nothing like the feeling of spontaneously deciding to go to a show hours before it’s set to start! When I saw that Young the Giant and Sure Sure were coming to a venue that was so close by, I had to at least try to get tickets. Luckily for Derek and I, we got some nice seats and took a walk over to The Flynn to enjoy the show.

While I have heard both bands’ recordings, I have never seen Young the Giant or Sure Sure live. It turned out to be a treat! Both bands were very talented and engaging.

The only problem?

The venue was completely wrong.


When we first walked into The Flynn, I had a flashback of entering every Broadway theater I had ever been to. Although it is a bit simpler than most Broadway theaters, The Flynn didn’t exactly match the aesthetics of either act. That being said, both bands tried their best to make the venue feel like home.

Sure Sure was a great choice for an opener for Young the Giant. They had a lot of energy, which was unfortunately hard to inject into the crowd because of the setting, but it was obvious that they did their best. They drove for a week from Los Angeles to be in Burlington and only continued to show their admirable commitment.

Sure Sure’s music fits right into the Burlington scene. The band boasts a groovy grunge aesthetic and indie/alternative sound sure (sure) to please fans of a multitude of other genres as well. Their music is easy to move to, and it’s hard not to smile at their enthusiasm. It’s obvious they enjoy playing, and that’s the best type of stage presence out there.

My favorite song from Sure Sure was definitely “What it’s Like.” I enjoyed the story elements the guitarist described and I loved the prominence of a strong, punchy bassline. I wish more of  their tracks featured bass in such a way, as I felt the bassist played other instruments (ex: tambourine) more than he actually got the chance to show off his bass skills. When he did play, his basslines filled in the low end in a way that made the music feel complete.

I would definitely see Sure Sure again, albeit in a different venue. They took the time to give out free posters after the show, even signing them for us when we asked. It was a very kind, genuine gesture that didn’t go unappreciated. If they’re willing to make the trip again, I could see Sure Sure solidifying a large following in Burlington in the coming years.

A show in Burlington was also a great idea for Young the Giant! Thanks to Sure Sure, people were a bit more animated by the time Young the Giant made their way to the stage. The band definitely didn’t lack energy either; they were great about covering the whole stage and keeping the audience interested. The singer’s sassy hips-style dance moves would be hard to ignore!

I’m obviously biased towards bassists (as one myself), but Young the Giant’s bassist was everything I want to be! His stage presence was, simply put, regal. He knew what he was doing, and he was there to do it! He was definitely grooving and broke the stereotype of bassists standing stock-still in the background.

Young the Giant’s music was very recognizable and fluid. The singer’s voice was even better in person than on the recordings I had previously heard. Every element was mixed to a T, making the group sound even more polished and professional.

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Young the Giant as I had Sure Sure, it was obvious that the band was there for their fans, which I can definitely appreciate. Overall, they were very positive and encouraging. Whether you have listened to their music before or not, this band is meant to be seen live! If you had the chance, you would be stupid not to see Young the Giant or Sure Sure in concert!



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