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This band will literally rock the house down!

Kissing the Klepto, a Philadelphia-based pop punk band, has been stopped mid-set at second floor venues for fear of a cave in. With their hard-hitting hooks and aggressive, engaging live shows often including elements like blacklights and confetti bombs, it’s no wonder!

The group released their debut EP, Why Bother? in April 2018 and have just returned to the studio to start work on a second release due for later this year! Since their previous release, Kissing the Klepto has dealt with lineup changes, love and loss, and lots of real life, so the boys have plenty to write about.


Their previous music is infused with serious Blink-182 and 7 Minutes in Heaven vibes, but like the music of many of today’s pop punk powerhouses, still manages to be fresh and invigorating.

Fans of Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Sum 41, NOFX, and State Champs:  Kissing the Klepto is definitely a band to consider adding to your playlists!


The group’s flagship song, “Northern Philadelphia” brings listeners into a first person account of an old Philadelphia house show, providing a unique experience to those who have never had the change and ensuring nostalgia for those who have.

Green Day would be proud of Kissing the Klepto’s storytelling ability in this track. The lyrics flow well, moving the plot forward but still fitting the instrumentals and the vibes of the band very effectively. “Northern Philadelphia” is sure to get stuck in your head even after one listening. This is one of those songs that pop punk fans will really go crazy for.


At the end of the day, this band is all about having fun. Kissing the Klepto is looking forward to receiving more noise complains in 2019!Look out for them if they play in your area.

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