Opposite Box’s Odyssey of Genius

opposite box hi res banner with logo. photo by amy kenyon.
[Image courtesy of  Amy Kenyon]

Tired of those ever-shortening pop punk songs? Opposite Box might be the breath of fresh air you need!

Based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Opposite Box is an American experimental rock band known for blending 70’s-inspired progressive rock and contemporary jazz-fusion to create masterpieces like “No Place for People Like Us,” their eleven-minute single released this past December.

This song is absolute genius! It flows so freely through different moods and rhythms in a way that is more than just a song: it’s truly an experience.

The energy from each musician in the group is palpable, but carefully crafted to keep the music precise and exact. It made me feel like I could reach out and twine the melodies around my fingers.

ob hi res b&w[Image courtesy of  Amy Kenyon]

I loved the mix of styles showcased throughout the song; nothing felt out of place despite the wide range it covers. In the first four minutes, I felt the seventies come to life in a burst of jazz, but when this faded into a more stylistic progressive portion, I was equally as intrigued. I loved the heavier, swaying tones of the bass guitar that faded into the wide, sweeping synthetic tones towards the halfway point of the track as well.

When “No Place for People Like Us” picks back up after its intergalactic interlude, the tones blend seamlessly once more and the energy somehow increases, like a boost button was pushed. I didn’t want the song to ever end.

I would truly love to witness this being played live.

It’s unsurprising that Opposite Box has achieved such feats when you look at their array of experiences. The band has performed over three hundred shows in the continental United States including support dates with Consider the Source, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, BIG Something, Here Come the Mummies, and The Main Squeeze. They have also appeared at various music festivals within the United States including Mountain Music Fest (2018), The BIG WHAT?! (2015, 2017), Lower Town Music & Arts Fest (2017), Riverbend Music Festival (2016), and Pink Moon Festival (2016).

big what 1

[Image courtesy of Scott Hopkins/Music Fest News]

The band’s first official album release, OBscene, from September 2017, received over four thousand streams on Spotify by 2018.

It’s obvious that Opposite Box’s experience and success will only grow to influence their music even more in the future. Personally, I’m hoping for another single as long and complex as “No Place for People Like Us”!

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