5 Bands That Helped Me Get Through Grad School

No matter what you’re studying, grad school can have its ups and downs. There are long nights, challenging assignments, and never enough caffeine. Luckily, music is always there when you need it most, whether you’re craving a pick-me-up, a celebration song, or even just a good cry.

Here are a few bands from my grad school playlists that helped me through the good, bad, and ugly moments of my MFA…


Through thick and thin, Maneskin always had my back with a song for every mood. Some of my favorites included “Gasoline,” “La Fine,” “Zitti e Buoni,” and “Lividi Sui Gomiti.” Listening to their songs in Italian and learning to play my favorites on bass was also a wonderful way to reconnect with my inner teenager, which helped my writing process. (Also, I wanna be Victoria De Angelis when I grow up!)

Trash Boat

Trash Boat has always been one of my go-to bands for stress relief–and seeing them in person last year with some of my other favorite bands, Boston Manor and Higher Power, was the ultimate experience! I’ve had their 2021 album, Don’t You Feel Amazing, on repeat for the past two years.


Even though I only discovered Tigercub toward the end of my grad school journey, I instantly connected with their rich, lyrical storytelling on topics like anxiety, sadness, and vulnerability encased in catchy, rhythmic instrumentals. “Beauty,” “Serial Killer,” and “Stop Beating on My Heart” were some of my go-to Tigercub hits during my final semester of school.


I was introduced to Flor when I went to their concert with my cousin, and ever since, they’ve been a regular name in my playlist rotations. “Clouds,” “Restless Soul,” and “Imho” all helped to ground me and bring a little sparkle back to life whenever the going got tough.

Luna Blue

I first found Luna Blue through their song, “Lou Lou,” which echoed my Mom’s childhood nickname for me. Their upbeat, fun instrumentals and optimistic social media presence are a joy, providing an escape from the rigors of my daily life as a grad student while also working full time. Besides “Lou Lou,” I also love “Domestic Alligator” in particular–and what a fun name!

Do you use music to help you through school? Drop your favorite songs or artists below!


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