I Boogied with the Bee at the Bridgerton Ball

Dressing up and having fun with my hair was one of my favorite parts of the Bridgerton Ball.

By the time I booked tickets for me, my fiance, and two of our friends for the Queen’s Ball: A Bridgerton Experience, I thought I’d seen all the night had to offer through TikTok videos and pictures from the event—but being there was an experience in itself.

From the moment we arrived, we found the venue beautifully decorated, with an unexpected attention to detail. The night began with a whimsical walk in through a tunnel of wisteria that transported guests into the main event space.

[Pro tip: wait to take pictures in the wisteria tunnel until during/after the experience and you might even have the space to yourself!]

Entering the ballroom, we were greeted by performers in character as we took in the beauty of the checkerboard dance floor, chandelier, and artfully arranged flowers throughout the space.

There was some time to get drinks and take pictures before the experience officially began, and we loved the portrait station in particular.

Aren’t we cute?! The portrait station was our favorite photo opp.

Bowing to the Queen to begin the experience was surprisingly intimidating, though the performers were delightful and helpful every step of the way.

After the Queen’s entrance, the introduction of the dancing bee was an unexpected delight, and her interactions with the crowd brought us joy and confidence when learning the steps to each dance. We enjoyed this part of the experience even though we aren’t big dancers to begin with—it was fun to try something new!

Though the night progressed quickly, my group still found plenty of time to explore the space—and of course, the photo options seemed endless!

Michelle and I loved taking pictures in the wisteria tunnel, but the purple lighting was a bit odd!

Have you attended the Queen’s Ball yet?


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