My Fall 2019 Music Radar

Obviously, I enjoy the music I write about on my blog. But have you ever wondered what I listen to when I’m not doing reviews? Here’s a little list of what I’ve been listening to lately—you might see some familiar faces!

In no particular order, here’s a shortlist of what has been popping up on my radar this fall….

Boston Manor

Genre: Pop Punk/Punk Rock
Favorite Song: Lead Feet, Laika, or Halo (I just can’t choose!)
Seen in concert?: Hell yes!

Many of you might have already guessed about my Boston Manor obsession from previous posts, but here’s your official confirmation: Boston Manor is currently my favorite band! I love almost every song they’ve put out, which is rare. I’m happy to listen to full albums in order over and over again. In the shower? I’m listening to Boston Manor. Working out? Boston Manor. Cleaning? Boston Manor? Sleeping? Probably dreaming in Boston Manor lyrics. I swear I’m not crazy.


Genre: Pop Rock
Favorite Song: Speed of Sound
Seen in concert?: Not yet!

RAGS AND RICHES is a familiar face on my blog! After doing two reviews (here and here) for them and awarding them the #1 spot on my Best EPs of Summer 2019 list, I’ve really gotten to know their sound and style, and I truly do like it! There’s something about their music that’s perfect for a workout, or to get you hyped up for anything from cleaning the kitchen to the big game. Seriously, try it!

Tie Goes to the Runner

Genre: Indie Rock
Favorite Song: Companion
Seen in concert?: Nope, but I have seen their sticker at a local venue!

Another familiar band! After doing their review, I couldn’t tear myself away from their music on my free time. Their sound is exactly what I want out of music: nuanced and subtle, but also unafraid to experiment and be loud. If you like From Indian Lakes, but want something heavier, Tie Goes to the Runner is the discovery of a lifetime.

Holy Vulture

Genre: Heavy Psychedelic Rock
Favorite Song: Too Damn Hot or Honeycomb
Seen in concert?: Yes! That’s where I discovered them.

I saw Holy Vulture play with Vigil Antics over the summer, and I was instantly hooked! Their sound is the perfect ratio of classic to unique, and I love that each band member contributes equally to live performances. Their recorded songs are just as dynamic as their live shows, but I would love to see them play in person again. Come to Vermont!

The Chats

Genre: Pub Punk
Favorite Song: Smoko
Seen in concert?: I wish!

I don’t even know what to say about The Chats. I found them randomly one night, and their song, “Smoko,” made me smile so much that it’s been on repeat ever since. When combined with the music video, I usually laugh so much that I cry. Even with their comical tendencies, The Chats are a respectable group of musicians that I would love to see live. I can only imagine how fun a show like that would be!


Genre: According to their Facebook, “Tasmanian Music”
Favorite Song: Egg
Seen in concert?: I probably never will, considering they no longer exist.

Shoe was another band I found by accident and immediately fell in love with. Their music video for “Egg” is so cute that I typically cry (in a good way) while watching it, and the song itself just makes me really happy. Even just the title does it! While the band is unfortunately not currently active, I really hope they get back in action someday. They’re something special!

Sure Sure

Genre: Art Pop
Favorite Song: Hands Up Head Down
Seen in concert?: Yes! They were very good, and also nice enough to sign a few posters for us.

Sure Sure is one of those bands that you don’t feel cool enough to like, but you do anyway. Their chilled-out vibe and quirky aesthetic make live shows a blast, a feeling that creeps in every time I listen to one of their songs, especially “Hands Up Head Down.” If you ever see me chilling with my hands flailing above my head, you know why.

Glass Lungs

Genre: Ambient Rock
Favorite Song: From the Wayside
Seen in concert?: In Burlington, not Long Island, funnily enough!

I discovered Glass Lungs back in high school while doing a music management internship project. I have loved them ever since! Despite their locality, I never managed to make it to a show on Long Island, but I did catch them and another local group, Ü Blue, at a Burlington venue last fall. They rocked just as much as I expected them to!

Palaye Royale

Genre: Art Rock
Favorite Song: Mr. Doctor Man or Warhol
Seen in concert?: I caught a Warped Tour set!

These guys have it all: Style, a great live performance, and something so utterly unique that I can’t help but take a moment to listen. The amount of money I’ve spent on Palaye merch is ridiculous, but I don’t regret a penny of it. If I could pull off their style in my daily wardrobe, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I also love playing their basslines! There’s just something about their vibe that’s irreplaceable.

The Omnific

Genre: Metal
Favorite Song: Sonorous
Seen in concert?: I can only dream…

Can you blame me? I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard bassists more talented than these two. I was able to learn the first, like, 45 seconds of Sonorous, which is my proudest accomplishment to date. If you’re a bassist, listening to The Omnific should be a requirement. Even if you don’t play an instrument, it still should be, to be honest.


Do we listen to any of the same bands? Is there anyone I should add to my list? Comment below!


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