Doc Martens Support Group for Real Punks (Episode 2)

[The DM gang in class: Derek, Gail, and I are in the process together. Derek’s shoes are pretty much worn in, mine are almost there, and Gail had to take them off and walk home barefoot!]
Welcome back, Punks! Hopefully your heels are feeling better. Fortunately, mine are!

I have learned a lot since our last session.

The last time you saw me, I had ripped up heels and little hope left for the eventual comfort of my Docs. Now, I still have ripped up heels, but I have a pair of shoes that are very close to being the most comfortable that I own.

As it turns out, the process is different for everyone, but the common denominator is the main method of break-in:

Wear the shoes!

I know they’re uncomfortable. They hurt. But it’s only not gonna hurt if you keep at it. There’s a reason DMs are known as a punk shoe.

Over the past week, I gave my heels one day to heal (haha) a bit before diving back into the process. One of the very first things I did was what I should have been doing from the beginning: Wearing the shoes around the apartment. I spent my Wednesday baking a trillion cupcakes, but also wearing my shoes the whole time. At the end of my four hour baking session, my feet barely hurt and my Docs were looser. When it was time to take them off, I made sure to stuff my shoes with crumpled newspaper to maintain my progress.

For the next few days, I wore my Docs to my three hour classes. At first, I started by wearing slides to walk to class, then putting the Docs on when I got there. Even sitting there wearing them improved the fit tremendously. Eventually, I was able to wear them to one class at a time somewhat comfortably.

Then came the real test: A walk home! My first attempt went well, with my heels only beginning to really hurt two blocks away from home, which was bearable. When I walked home with them after wearing them to class this past Tuesday (the day before this is set to be published), I had no issues.

So, what’s my secret?

A whole lotta determination. A whole lotta band-aids.

Plaster your heels up and just go for it, and you’ll eventually get it. And if you don’t? Well, I guess you’re just not punk enough. Go buy some Vans.



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