Best Singles of Summer 2019!

Curating my “best of” lists has become extremely stressful, but in the best way: There are just too many choices now that my blog has grown so much! As we approach my first blog-aversary in October, I receive more and more submissions that I consider serious contenders for this list, and the decision gets harder. While I can only include my top three singles, please know that if your band/your favorite band wasn’t included, it does NOT mean they lack in any way, it just means that the field is so competitive that only the best of the best (in my opinion) can be considered.

Everything about these songs was analyzed, from the production of the song as a whole to the quality of each instrument and vocal part. Without further ado, these are my top three singles from Summer 2019 submissions from June-August, excluding EPs and albums:

3. “Gay” by Flo Petite

“The music video for “Gay” is a fun and creative way to showcase Flo’s personality and passion for her music. It fits well with the audio aesthetics of the single, which is incredibly catchy and well-produced. Flo’s voice is the star of the show, her wispy soft-edged vocals enhanced by the simple but energetic backing instrumentals. The phrasing of the lyrics is well-suited to Flo’s vocal abilities as well, which brings out their meaning to the fullest: “Lips touching lips / Touching hips / Boy i need to be kissed / A kiss from my mouth to your wrist / If that’s what I miss / Does that make me gay?”

As illustrated in the music video, “Gay” is the perfect song to dance to this June—and every other month to celebrate being who you are with pride!” —“Gay:” A Pride Month Bop by Flo Petite

2. “Congratulations! (So, How Is That Band At the Glitterbox?” by Wax On

“The bouncy, dynamic guitar introduction to the single is accompanied by energetic percussion, which brings us into the vocals with a drum roll. The delivery of the lyrics is one of the most unique elements of the track, with a certain lilt to the vocals that gives the song as a whole a sarcastic, playful feel that matches the lyrics’ sardonic nature: “And he owes you a congratulations / Now that you made it to twenty-one / Twenty-one, twenty-one / In the spring, did the thing / Where a diploma tells the world that you’re smart / All the things you’ll do.” Although the tone of the vocals and the shallow-read of the lyrics themselves paint a caricature of growing up, their message shines through that leaving school and figuring out what to do with your life are far harder tasks than they seem.

The instrumentals of “Congratulations! (So How is that Band at the Glitterbox?)” are just as impressive as the depth to its lyrics. The perfect complement to the aggressive, driving nature to the track, each instrument has its part in creating different moods and aesthetics throughout the song’s 2:30 running time. Even during the quiet sections, trickles of instrumentals flow through, proving that Wax On is one of those bands that just knows how to balance their music.” —So, How is that Band at the Glitterbox?

1. “Tunnelvision” by Marley Wildthing

“Marley’s accent comes through beautifully in her vocals for “Tunnelvision,” giving her already mellifluous voice extra depth. Every note is perfectly-pitched and sweet, blending seamlessly over the backing instrumentals to create a soft, billowing feeling throughout the single. Although Marley’s voice is clearly the star of the show, the instrumentals serve as a comforting backing for her voice to soar above, or sink into the softness. The energy crackling in each note—and the spaces between—are a wonderful creation of the partnership of talented vocals and instrumentals in the sweet spot.

The lyrics, too, show Marley’s thought and dedication towards her music: The shift from the hopelessness shown in “Tunnelvision – I’m incapable / Tunnelvision – To escape this whole / This whole, this whole, this whole world / This whole, this whole, this whole world” to the positivity of “Tunnelvision – I’ll escape this whole / This whole, this whole, this whole world / This whole, this whole, this whole world” proves that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.” —Where the Wildthings Are: A Review of “Tunnelvision”





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