Where the Wildthings Are: A Review of “Tunnelvision”

Ever wonder where the wild things are? Apparently, Prague! Marley Wildthing is a singer-songwriter originally from Austria, but she moved to Prague in 2015 and heard her wild side calling from the music industry. Since, she has played festivals like Austria’s Nova Rock as well as venues all over Europe, New Orleans, and California in the United States.

In September 2018, Marley released her debut EP, Cube, which was followed by “Tunnelvision” in June 2019. The single serves as a teaser for her upcoming album, and with a video, “discusses anxiety and social fears.”

The song and video for “Tunnelvision” serve to “describe depression,” but also to show others who may be struggling that “There is always [a] light at the end of the tunnel!

The music video was produced by a team of Czech and Slovak professionals, [and] the visual mind and organizing force [behind the] video was David Dougles, who developed the script, directed, designed the sets,” and edited the final video.

Marley’s accent comes through beautifully in her vocals for “Tunnelvision,” giving her already mellifluous voice extra depth. Every note is perfectly-pitched and sweet, blending seamlessly over the backing instrumentals to create a soft, billowing feeling throughout the single. Although Marley’s voice is clearly the star of the show, the instrumentals serve as a comforting backing for her voice to soar above, or sink into the softness. The energy crackling in each note—and the spaces between—are a wonderful creation of the partnership of talented vocals and instrumentals in the sweet spot.

The lyrics, too, show Marley’s thought and dedication towards her music: The shift from the hopelessness shown in “Tunnelvision – I’m incapable / Tunnelvision – To escape this whole / This whole, this whole, this whole world / This whole, this whole, this whole world” to the positivity of “Tunnelvision – I’ll escape this whole / This whole, this whole, this whole world / This whole, this whole, this whole world” proves that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The video for “Tunnelvision” is just as masterfully-created as its music. Following the meaning of the track’s lyrics, it shows Marley’s transition from being trapped by her own mind to walking out to meet the light at the end of a metaphorical and physical tunnel. The video is a great addition to the release, allowing listeners to see a bit of Marley’s personality as well as her clear passion for her work.

Look out for the rest of Marley’s latest album soon!

Get wild with Marley:


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