Best Albums of Spring 2019!

For as long as I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing amazing music from artists that I previously enjoyed, but also those who were new to me. While I was impressed by many of the bands who sent in music to be reviewed, there are albums that still stick out in my mind when I’m asked for music recommendations. Please keep in mind that this was an incredibly difficult decision, especially since I had the most album submissions EVER this season!

These are my top three albums from Spring 2019 submissions from April-May, NOT including EPs:

3. Culture Me by Kaanvas

“Looking to learn a little more about the world without having to leave your couch? Check out Culture Me, the newest album from Indiana-based artist, Kaanvas!

Also known as Mark Crews, Kaanvas has been involved in music for about sixteen years. Thanks his his experience, he is able to produce everything—videos, albums, demos, and even designs—by himself.

In 2017, Kaanvas began his latest album, Culture Me, which helped him learn more about himself after a devastating relationship failure and dealing with the resulting struggles with mental illness.” –Getting Cultured With Kaanvas

2. Two Chords by Gloria Deo

“For those of us who go to college, it is often an experience that involves more learning outside of the classroom than in it. Gloria Deo, a singer-songwriter based out of Philadelphia, PA, was creative enough to turn her own college experience into an album, Two Chords, and wants to share it to help others who have had similar experiences.


As a whole, Two Chords was honest in a way that’s rare in today’s music industry. I enjoyed its quiet thoughtfulness and the clarity of thoughts Gloria was able to express in detailed, lyrical descriptions. With a mix of classic singer-songwriter vibes and utter freshness, Gloria truly created something special with Two Chords.” –Review: Two Chords by Gloria Deo

1. Bonds by Laith

“Laith, a Jonesboro, Arkansas indie, emo, and post-rock group, recently released their new album, Bonds, and you’ve got to hear it!

Overall, the album boasts an intriguing mix of styles that make me want to listen as many times as I can to truly experience everything it has to offer. Perfect for fans of Evanescence, Paramore, and Against the Current, Bonds is an impressive performance for the group’s debut full-length.” –Bond Yourself to Laith’s New Album



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