“Gay:” A Pride Month Bop by Flo Petite

Want to celebrate Pride Month, but can’t find the perfect song? Flo has you covered! Her latest release, “Gay,” is the perfect song to show your pride.

The current lineup of Flo’s band has been together for just over a year. She and Phil, the drummer, typically play as a two piece with Flo on guitar and vocals and Phil dabbling in the xylophone as well as drums.

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While Flo agrees that “it’s so much easier for people in the media to be out” than ever before, she thinks it’s important to remember to save spaces for LGBT+ artists in the music industry. Although allies are important, Flo has mixed feelings about big brands and artists taking advantage of Pride Month, such as Taylor Swift’s new song, “You Need to Calm Down.” Flo admits that “on one hand, I don’t feel like she is the right person to be getting a lot of attention for something during Pride Month when she’s not a queer person, but on the other hand she also has a huge platform and can be spreading a positive message.”

The solution to this conflict? Give smaller LGBT+ artists a platform! “Gay” is a great place to start.


The music video for “Gay” is a fun and creative way to showcase Flo’s personality and passion for her music. It fits well with the audio aesthetics of the single, which is incredibly catchy and well-produced. Flo’s voice is the star of the show, her wispy soft-edged vocals enhanced by the simple but energetic backing instrumentals. The phrasing of the lyrics is well-suited to Flo’s vocal abilities as well, which brings out their meaning to the fullest: “Lips touching lips / Touching hips / Boy i need to be kissed / A kiss from my mouth to your wrist / If that’s what I miss / Does that make me gay?”

As illustrated in the music video, “Gay” is the perfect song to dance to this June—and every other month to celebrate being who you are with pride!


After going on her first tour through Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, Flo has decided that “life on the road fits [the band] well.” She and Phil are in the early stages of recording an album, but they’re eager to “get back out there.”

Celebrate with Flo:


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