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Travel can be stressful whether it’s by car, plane, or train. Packing, especially, can be an ordeal. Below are some quick tips for making travel just a little bit easier based on my eight hour (at least) trips between home and school.

Pack Smart

Packing light can work for many people, but I am not one of those people. Instead of packing light, I pack smart.

Instead of using a suitcase or other rigid packing case, I use bags. My favorite are Ikea’s Dimpa storage bags. They’re large and flexible, so it’s easy to pack stuff in and adjust the shape of the bag to fit the trunk of a car. The fact that it’s clear is also a plus so you know which bag it is when you’re looking for something or unloading. These bags are very durable and the handles are well-made and comfortable even when the bag is full and heavy.

Another tip to pack smart is to know how to fold your clothes. Things like sweatshirts and jeans are best folded normally when packing, but items like leggings and T-shirts can be rolled to save space and prevent wrinkles. I also like to use socks and other small garments to fill in holes at the end, or I roll them up in my rolled items to save a little more space.

Leave Early

This one should be a given. Leaving early in the morning (or whenever else traffic is low) can make a trip a lot faster and more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than sitting in traffic when you could be moving and making progress, so go to sleep early and get started on your trip at 4 a.m.!

Limit Pit Stops

For my family, limiting pit stops can save tons of time, even up to two hours! I’m not kidding. The extra 15 minutes of each half hour pit stop can add up. So set a time for everyone to be back at the car (since this really only applies to car travel) and stick to it!

I hope your holiday travels are enjoyable or at least as easy as they can be!




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