Giving Season!

Advent Calendar Challenge Day Fourteen

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to give back! Giving back can be large or small, but it’s the thought that really counts. Below, I’ve listed five charities that I think deserve a little gift this holiday season. If you want to donate time or funds but don’t know where, please consider all the worthy organizations below!

Potcake Place

If you’re looking for a smaller organization to help out, Potcake Place is the place! Located in  Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, Potcake Place provides a sanctuary for the unwanted and unloved dogs of the islands. There is a surplus of dogs on the islands, which leads to conflicts with locals and the abuse of many dogs. Potcake Place provides many of these dogs with loving homes on the islands and beyond.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is one of my favorite organizations because of all the amazing work they do for women. Unfortunately, a lot of their federal funding has been cut recently, and they need help in order to keep providing safe and effective healthcare. Every little bit helps, and so does volunteering!

Committee to Protect Journalists

In today’s world, nobody is safe, even the people who strive to be impartial in order to deliver news to the world. The Committee to Protect Journalists works to defend journalistic freedoms across the world and help journalists continue their work without fear.

Reason 2 Smile

This charity is very personal for me. I participated in a fashion show to raise money for this wonderful organization in high school, and the people who run it have so much heart. The organization supports the Jambo Jipya Academy and Children’s Home, which is an orphanage and school in Kenya. As far as I’m aware, Reason 2 Smile accepts donations of funds, clothing, and supplies.

Guide Dog Foundation

The Guide Dog Foundation works to improve the lives of special needs people, including people who are blind. They provide guide dogs and training to people who need them free of charge.

The Guide Dog Foundation accepts monetary donations to fund supplies like dog food, collars, and vaccinations.


Happy holidays!




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