Marketing Plans are No Treble! Part 3

Advent Calendar Challenge Day 13

This is the last section of my marketing plan guide. Please note that it does not include all elements of the marketing plan.

Market-Product Focus

Target Markets

The primary target market of No Treble is musicians (particularly bass, guitar, and keytar players) who have trouble bearing the weight of their strap-held instrument for reasons including disability and chronic pain, among other issues.

Below is a market segment chart which shows how likely (0 is least likely, 3 is most likely) consumers in each segment are to purchase each version of No Treble.

Market Segments Bass Straps
Gender Age Patterned Solid Color (purple, red, etc.) Plain solid color (black/white/brown) Leather Specialty Artist Designs
Male Under 18 3 2 1 0 1
18-30 2 2 2 1 2
31-40 2 3 2 2 3
41-50 1 3 3 3 3
50+ 0 3 3 3 3
Female Under 18 3 3 0 0 1
18-30 3 3 1 1 3
31-40 2 3 1 1 3
41-50 1 3 2 2 3
50+ 0 2 3 2 3


There are different designs of straps that appeal to different gender and age groups. For patterned straps, I’d like to focus my marketing efforts on both males and females on the younger end of the spectrum (Under 18, 18-30). The solid colors will be marketed towards a young to middle-aged audience (Under 18, 18-30, 31-40), but for females I’ll go a little older to include the 41-50 age group. Plain solid color straps will primarily be marketed towards males in all age groups except under 18 and women 41-50 and 50+. Leather straps will be marketed primarily towards older groups of both genders (41-50, 50+). The specialty artist designs will be marketed to upscale and older consumers who are more likely to be able to pay the higher prices.

The geographical area that No Treble will be sold in will include only the United States.

No Treble plans to market the strap attachment to middle to upper class due to the price point and other typical expenses of owning an instrument, but there are a few lower-priced straps that can cater to the lower middle class crowd to allow everyone who needs a strap access to one.

Experiencers and Makers will be included in my target market because they value self expression, including music.

Below is a market segment chart that outlines key points of difference for each segment, as well as potential new products that would do well in these markets based on research. Market Segments Key Points of Difference New Products

Female Musicians Distributes weight of a heavy instrument over more of the body instead of just the neck and shoulders Feminine-targeted strap (ex: hot pink with flowers)
People who are environmentally conscious Manufactured in the U.S., little to no packaging Vegan leather strap, recycled material strap
Art buffs No Treble straps offer exclusive designs by upcoming and local artists Straps that feature classic art


Individuals with Disabilities Distributes weight so people with disabilities or pain can play with a strap Profits of a certain new strap design will go towards research of a disability.


People over the age of 60 No Treble’s design prevents pain from flare ups of arthritis in many parts of the body Vintage designs that look more classic and timeless to this group of people


Points of Difference

No Treble’s product serves to make playing an instrument viable or easier for a variety of people.  Because older people often develop issues like arthritis and back pain, they have more trouble playing heavier instruments like bass guitars. The No Treble Strap Attachment eliminates this pain for both the old and the young who have issues like disabilities or chronic pain.

Consumers in this group will choose the No Treble strap if they want the weight distributed across their shoulders and back instead of around their neck like other models that might not work for them, and possibly even increase their issues. As a bonus, the straps come in a variety of styles suited to players of all ages and genders.


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