Up-and-Coming Spotify Stars

Advent Calendar Challenge Day Sixteen

Spotify has become one of the largest music sharing platforms around, especially for indie and unsigned artists. These smaller bands are important to music culture and the local scene in New York, among other locations. Below are four cool artists and links to their work. Please check them out and if you like them, support them!

Vigil Antics

An emo/post-hardcore band from Long Island, New York, Vigil Antics is a steady presence in the local scene. Their catchy guitar riffs and powerful basslines are matched by indestructible vocals to concoct the perfect mix for a live mosh pit or just chilling out and enjoying at a cool local venue.

Heaven Can Wait

Deus Ex

Glass Lungs

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Glass Lungs blends indie and post-rock styles to produce hauntingly captivating music. They are a must-see live and must-listen-to in the meantime.

Casting Stones

From the Wayside

The Stolen

While The Stolen is technically an alternative rock group based in New Jersey, I had to include them for their prominent performing presence in the Long Island scene. Their catchy melodies and lyrics make them popular across a wide variety of music lovers.

White Dress


Ü Blue

This band has energy! The boys of Ü Blue love to have fun live and it’s evident even on their records. Their music has a unique mix of funk, jazz, and post-hardcore that’s sure to entrance a variety of audiences.

Backseat Bingo

Jeice the Space Australien




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