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Advent Calendar Challenge Day Ten

I’m a horrible chef. I can barely cook an egg, and the one time I tried to get fancy and blanch potatoes, they all ended up rotting in my freezer.

The good news is, my Mom is an amazing cook. Her skills haven’t brushed off on me, unfortunately, but her recipes have, including a secret family recipe for the best sweet potato casserole on the planet. I’m not joking. I know everyone thinks their sweet potato casserole is good, but you’re wrong, because you haven’t tasted this one.

Unfortunately for you, I’m not going to reveal this secret family recipe. But you will get to know the basics.

First, I went to the store to buy ungodly large sweet potatoes. The largest I found was the size of my head. My Mom said it would do.


When I got home, I boiled the sweet potatoes for a long time. I would tell you how long, but I was busy doing a project instead because it literally took so long that I got bored enough to do homework.

After boiling, I mashed the potatoes and laid them out in one of those silver trays that caterers use. Yes, that is a technical term.

My Mom had made me the dry topping mix in advance and sent it to school with me, so I added butter and mixed it before sprinkling it over the sweet potatoes. Marshmallows are for chumps.

After baking it for awhile, I took it out and..



Although my version of the family recipe wasn’t as good as my Mom’s because I didn’t mix the sweet potatoes with anything that I was supposed to, I still loved making them and, even more, eating them.

What’s your secret family recipe for?



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