Dear 16 Year Old Me…

Advent Calendar Challenge Day Nine

Dear 16-year-old Me,

You would definitely be a little creeped out if I sent you a letter, but you would definitely read it, just on the off chance that it was the magical start to your journey as the heroine of your favorite novel. It’s okay to admit that. You’re a nerd, and there’s no reason not to embrace that part of you.

I promise, you can be an athlete and a great student. It’s worth it in the end, and you might not pick the path that you think you’re going to right now. Volleyball is your world, I know, and you are very talented, and it’s okay to admit that, but it doesn’t have to be your sole future. Speaking of that, you should write more. No idea is a stupid idea, and you still have that novel laying around. If you finish it before college, you’ll be able to workshop it in class…. I’ve probably said too much.

Anyway. By now, you’ve started worrying about college because you like to be in advance of things like that. Don’t stress over it too much. Yeah, it would be cool to get into a big-name college like Brown, but there are benefits to smaller schools, too. Apply to as many as you feel like, and don’t be afraid to open the letters. You might not like what you find in all of them, but you’ll end up in the right place, and meet a very special person there. He’s worth the heartache of not getting into your top school, and I know you’ll do very well where you end up.

The last thing I want to tell you is that you’re amazing. Hopefully you know this, but there will be times when you forget it for just a moment. Don’t let this happen. Be brave, embrace who you are, and live life. I promise I’m doing the same at nineteen (almost twenty, but let’s not rush things. We’re not ready to be an adult.).


Your future self



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