DIY Flower Wall

Advent Calendar Challenge Day Eight

If you can’t tell, I love flowers! There are so many cool ways to incorporate them into decorating, especially to brighten up a dorm. One of the coolest is to make a flower wall!

Step One

Get your supplies together. Buy flowers! For my version, fake flowers are essential. For a small five-column flower wall like mine, about 35 flowers is best. A few of these will likely not be used, and serve as extras in case of a mishap. The best flowers to choose have full blossoms that will make it easy to hide/envelop the stem of the flower above it.

You will also need hot glue, printed pictures and clothespins to make the wall. To hang it up, I recommend fishing wire and command hooks.

Step Two

Lay out your flowers in the rows you want. Be sure to mix up the colors and species in a way that you think looks good. Ignore your clothespins and pictures for now.

Loop the fishing wire around the top flower of your first chain. Make a knot that creates a loop for the chain to hang off of the command hook. Do this for the top flower of each of your chains.

Step Three

Heat up your hot glue gun. Begin by gluing the bottom of the top flower’s stem to the middle of the head of the next flower. Make sure to hide as much of the stem as possible in the flower petals and hold it there until it is dry. Add a bit more glue to ensure it will stick. Repeat this process down the chain. When the chain is complete and dry, hang it from the command hook. Repeat the process with the remainder of the chains.

Step Four

This step is optional, but looks very nice. Use clothespins to pin pictures to each of the strands. Now step back and enjoy!




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