Marketing Plans are No Treble! Part 1

Advent Calendar Challenge Day Eleven

Writing a marketing plan for class or a real business is no easy feat, especially when the business is just starting or doesn’t actually exist. I had to create a marketing plan for my college class, so I invented a fake product called the No Treble Strap Attachment.

It was hard to find examples of marketing plans that suited my needs, so I’d like to show you some relevant sections of my project in order to help you. Enjoy!

(Note: This is not perfect, and I’m not an expert. I got a 96 on the project, and this is only some sections of it.)

Executive Summary

The No Treble Strap Attachment is the solution to pain for those who have trouble playing their guitar, bass, or keytar without a hassle. The attachment comes in five versions with various colors and designs of each, and can be attached to a player’s pre-existing strap to ensure the ultimate comfort. Although it is a new company, No Treble has big plans for the future, including distributing products to mom-and-pop stores as well as large chains like Guitar Center and Sam Ash. The product is unique, helpful, and attractive, making it the perfect choice for consumers of all ages once they know it is an option for them.

No Treble will initiate online and in-store sales in November 2018.

Company Description

No Treble was the brainchild of Alexa O’Kane and Derek Mann. Due to a shoulder injury, Alexa had trouble playing her bass guitar for long periods because of the configuration of traditional guitar straps. Together, Alexa and Derek came up with a strap attachment that would better distribute the weight of her instrument. The product hooks onto an instrument strap and loops around the player’s right shoulder to better distribute weight and reduce pain while playing.

After developing the product, the inventors decided they wished to make it available to other musicians who struggle with pain that prevents them from playing like they want to.

Although there are other products on the market that change how the weight of an instrument is distributed, none are as user-friendly, attractive, and universal as No Treble. Unlike other products, No Treble is merely an addition to a player’s pre-existing strap, which allows it to be mixed and matched with a variety of styles to suit any player. No Treble is the newest and most versatile version of a weight redistribution strap device.

No Treble believes its strategy of appealing to the player first will prove successful in specialized mom-and-pop stores to start. This marketing plan covers how the company will integrate itself in small stores and continue to expand its horizons to cover several mainstream distributors over the next five years, among other goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of No Treble is to deliver durable and attractive guitar strap attachments at affordable prices to people who are physically unable to play their instrument the way that they would like to due to pain of the neck, back, and shoulders.


  1. No Treble is currently a new company. We want to expand our current market (no stores) to two larger music store chains, Guitar Center and Sam Ash, by 2021 in order to gain notoriety and consistent sales.
  2. To add 10 colors and patterns to our line of straps by 2019 in order to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Attend at least two conference/expo events in the next year (2018-2019) in order to market the product in person and make the community more aware of the issue and our solution.
  4. Increase sales by 10 percent each year over the next five years.
  5. Partner with 3 upcoming artists to create exclusive design collections (50 straps/artist)  for the 2020 year in order to foster love of the arts and increase demand for exclusive designs.

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