Let Me Judge Your Band’s Merch!

https://www.instagram.com/p/CC3jnXKjdZP/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Attention all bands and artists! Do you want to be included in next week's merch roast blog post? Merchandise is one of the most important ways for bands to make money, and for fans to rep their favorite musicians. But is your band's copycat Thrasher hoodie really that cute? (Hint: Probably not.) Send in …

Best of Winter 2020!

Everything about these submissions was analyzed, from the production of the record as a whole to the quality of each instrument and vocal part. Without further ado, these are my top three records out of submissions from January-March, including singles and albums:

Spend Some Time With Singer-Songwriter Conrad Ashton

Inspired by artists like The Beatles, The Who, and Oasis, among others, Conrad writes what he knows in the hopes that it resonates with others. He "wanted the production style [of "Time"] to be really in your face and taking hold from the first beat" to show listeners that he really means what he says in the track.