Quarantine Dream: Musicians Sharing a Vision of Hope

The album cover for Quarantine Dream by Time Cheesebrow
The album art for Quarantine Dream was created by Tim Cheesebrow, who also contributed a track to the album.

Quarantine Dream is proof that music can be the catalyst for real change in the world.

When musicians come together with a cause, magic can happen. This is exactly the case with Quarantine Dream, a benefit album created with the selfless intentions of Minnesota musicians.

As mentioned in Coronavirus: Musicians Speak Out, the album was the brainchild of Ted Hajnasiewicz and Ryan Rud (Frequency Collisions, The Rabbit Hole). After the pair’s casual co-writing led to deeper conversations, Ted and Ryan created collective of Minnesota musicians. The group aims to raise money for Jessa Roquet. Jessa, a member of the Minneapolis folk-pop band Gambler’s Daughter, was “hit hard from all sides as a working musician and single mother of three”. When Jessa was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer at the start of quarantine, “her fellow artists answered the call.”

The album features Tim Cheesebrow and Ted Hajnasiewicz, who should be familiar faces for those who follow this blog. In addition, artists like Waltzing on Waves will wow listeners anew. “One of the album’s highlights is “Cadiz,” a surprisingly sunny pop tune written by Minnesota rock veteran Adam Levy (The Honeydogs, Turn Turn Turn). It also features a special guest appearance by Jessa Roquet herself.”

Quarantine Dream is certainly musically diverse, but is also carefully “woven together by a contemplative quality that seems to suit the seriousness of these times”. Every listener will be able to find a song that suits their individual tastes.

Quarantine Dream will debut digitally on August 7, 2020. The album is also available for pre-order on BandCamp. All proceeds go to Jessa Roquet’s medical expenses, and donations can also be made through Jessa’s GoFundMe campaign.


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