Emblem3 Pops the Cork on Champagne Dreams

Emblem3: “Champagne Dreams is a warm getaway in a sometimes frigid world.”

If you didn’t spend your fourth of July weekend listening to “Champagne Dreams” by Emblem3, you were definitely missing out! After rising to fame on The X Factor USA, the Southern California Rock/Hip-Hop/Pop powerhouse trio is back with another banger. 

Emblem3 celebrates their recent release, Champagne Dreams
Emblem3 is back with their latest single, Champagne Dreams, and a national tour.

From Sunset Blvd to Beyond

Brothers Keaton and Wesley Stromber and their childhood best friend, Drew Chadwick, got their start writing songs in their basement and performing at schools and backyard parties around Orange County and Los Angeles before their national debut. Following their X Factor fame, Emblem3 signed a record deal with Simon Cowell’s Syco Records and Columbia records, where they worked with incredible writers such as Max Martin, Julian Bunetta, and Ross Golan. 

Emblem3’s album, Nothing to Lose, debuted at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2013 and their breakout single, “Chloe,” sold nearly 500,000 copies and has over nineteen million official music video views to date. With their fanbase growing, the band opened for Selena Gomez on her Stars Dance World Tour and were awarded the Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout Group. Emblem3’s success propelled them to tour internationally through Europe, South America, and Asia, as well as headline several North American tours such as Back to Cali, #Bandlife, and Waking Up.

The single artwork for the latest single by Emblem3 Champagne Dreams.
Champagne Dreams by Emblem3 was released on July 2, 2021.

Forever Together

Following their rise to fame, Emblem3 decided to take a break from collaboration to focus on their individual creativity. After a few years of hiatus, they made plans to reunite, release music, and tour in late 2020. When the Covid-19 pandemic put a hold on the music industry, the band instead decided to buckle down and start work in the studio. Released on July 2, “Champagne Dreams” represents Emblem3’s focus on further defining their sound and creativity. 

Emblem3 believes that “Champagne Dreams is a warm getaway in a sometimes frigid world. It paints the picture of perfection shared with a significant other. A party anthem for everyone to dance to and sing along with, perfectly capturing the essence of summertime” the band says of their latest release.

“Champagne Dreams” is a summer song perfect for shaking off the cold and breaking out your favorite beach blanket or cruising by the coast. From the first few seconds, the track announces beach season with smooth, blended vocals gliding over ocean waves joined by a saltwater mist of bright, tropical acoustics and bouncing percussion. If a song could be a beach read, “Champagne Dreams” would be a page-turner that’s impossible to put down until the sun sets and sand begins to cool your sunburned shoulders. 

Eyes Wide Open

Tour poster for the upcoming Emblem3 tour celebrating Champagne Dreams
Besides the announcement of Champagne Dreams, Emblem3 also shared news of their upcoming tour.

Much to the surprise of fans, Emblem3 also announced their six-stop Eyes Wide Open tour for August. Dates begin in New York before moving to Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Chicago before concluding in Los Angeles. 

“If you don’t go… Keaton’s gonna come to your house, strip naked…and leave,” the band joked in a recent Instagram video announcing the tour. As the three laughed, the camaraderie was clear in their endearingly awkward interactions with the camera. “Go get your tickets, we’ll see you there,” they reminded fans, who were undeniably eager in the comments.

The upcoming shows will feature a mix of old hits like “Sunset Blvd,” “Chloe,” and “3000 Miles” in addition to upcoming singles, making for the perfect night for fans old and new to enjoy. Tickets are now on sale via Ticketmaster for all dates.

With a hit release like “Champagne Dreams” to kick off the fourth of July weekend and a tour on the horizon, Emblem3 is ready to celebrate summer 2021 in style.

Celebrate summer with Emblem3!

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Wesley Stromberg
Keaton Stromberg
Drew Chadwick

Wesley Stromberg
Keaton Stromberg
Drew Chadwick

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