Songs From the “Outer Banks” Soundtrack, Ranked

Like many Netflix fans, I quickly fell in love with Outer Banks for its dynamic storyline, compelling cast of characters, and summery settings. Based in—you guessed it—the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the series follows a ragtag group of teenagers, affectionately dubbed the “Pogues,” as they embark on a summer adventure they never could have dreamed of. Filled with lost treasure, murder mysteries, and romance, Outer Banks is the action-adventure mystery teen drama that we all didn’t know we needed while locked down in quarantine.

Besides the obvious enjoyment I got out of the series as a whole, the soundtrack stood out to me in particular. Evidently selected with care, each song not only suits its scene, but brings more to the aesthetic and story, giving the show a greater depth in a way that many viewers won’t even realize. For that very reason, I’d like to acknowledge each track of the show’s first season, from its first episode to its last.

My rankings were based on overall sound, how a track improves upon the series, song selection, style, and just general gut feelings. I used this playlist, cross-referenced with this list to ensure that I covered as many songs as possible. Without further ado, in order from least favorite to #1 pick, here’s my definitive ranking of the songs from season one of Outer Banks….

70. “Draco” by BBG Baby Joe
69. “Goin’ On” by Iigotproductofficial
68. “Lingua” by Sub Focus Ft. Stylo G
67. “Threnody” Bombs Away remix by Naeleck
66. “Candy” by BAD CHILD Ft. Ryan Chambers
65. “Lemonade” by PLVTINUM
64. “Steal Away (remastered)” by Robbie Dupree
63. “I Can’t Leave You” by Destinations
62. “Fimmi Gyal (Radio Edit)” by Stylo G

61. “Rules” by Khruangbin
60. “Mo’ Better Blues” by Branford Marsalis Quartet Ft. Terrence Blanchard
59. “Tank Town” by Many Voices Speak
58. “Evan Finds the Third Room” by Khruangbin
57. “Give Me Up” by Flo Grell
56. “Waking Up” by Mr Little Jeans
55. “Master of Life” by Khruangbin

54. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship
53. “Yeah Right” by Joji
52. “Little Ol’ Me” by Qwiet Type
51. “PARAD(w/m)E” by Sylan Esso
50. “The Demon” by Naeleck & Ford
49. “The Infamous Bill” by Khruangbin
48. “Glasshouses” by Maribou State
47. “Falling” by Oceans Ahead
46. “Cumbia de los Pajaritos” by Pesadilla
45. “Buster” by Whitefield Brothers

44. “Sisters & Brothers” by Khruangbin
43. “Itotiani” by Chicano Batman
42. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” single version by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
41. “Traffic Lights” by Oceans Ahead & Kali Rea
40. “November” by Babeheaven
39. “Paradise” by The Natural Mystics

38. “Out of My Mind” by Flo Grenell
37. “Midnight Sun” by OTR & Ukiyo
36. “Version” by Jah Levi &The Higher Reasoning
35. “Summer” by Skinshape

34. “Hands” by Oceans Ahead & Shelley Harland
33. “Time” by Jungle
32. “Someday Soon” by Harlem
31. “The Number 4” by Khruangbin
30. “People Everywhere (Still Alive)” by Khruangbin
29. “December” by Killimajaro
28. “Megaton Mile” by Local Natives
27. “The Way” by Oceans Ahead
26. “Maria Tambien” by Khruangbin

25. “Hold Me” by The Teskey Brothers
24. “Too Young to Burn” by Sonny & The Sunsets
23. “Pumpin Blood” Taken by Trees x Belief Remix by NONONO
22. “When You’re Not There” by Flo Grell
21. “La Danza de los Mirlos” by Los Mirlos
20. “Continents” by Hembree
19. “Pity” by Royal Headache
18. “Sex & Drugs” by A Giant Dog

17. “Lust for Hearts” by Modern Panthiest
16. “The W.A.N.D.” by The Flaming Lips
15. “Populonia” by Mattiel

14. “Half a Mile” by Elenowen
13. “198” by Hundred Visions
12. “You’ve Got the Heat” by Luster
11. “Up Up” by Sandollar

10. “Unholy Water” by John Pearson ft. Chase Perryman
9. “It’s Never Enough” by Audiodub
8. “It’s All in Your Head” by The Shivas
7. “Trouble” by Cage the Elephant
6. “Borrowed World” by Widowspeak
5. “Police on my Back” by The Clash
4. “The Raft” by Fat Freddy’s Drop

3. “High School Lover” by Cayucas
2. “Down” by Oceans Ahead
1. “Left Hand Free” by Alt-J

Which song from Outer Banks is your favorite?

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