QuaranTUNES to Keep you Sane During my Hiatus…

Yes, it’s true: It’s hiatus time! While I had originally planned to take a break during my finals period, I’m still going to need a bit of a break before gearing up for the summer. You may have already noticed my site’s name change, but there will be big changes and LOTS of content when I return!

In the meantime, I didn’t want to leave you hanging during a time when you’re probably going insane at home. So, here’s my list of quarantunes to keep you sane during my hiatus!

“Spine” by After Hour Animals

After stumbling upon After Hour Animals, I devoured their Spotify offerings in one sitting, but I just couldn’t stop listening to “Spine.” I love the tone of the vocals, the instrumentals’ organization, and the aesthetic of the song as a whole. When I got my new headphones, this was the track I used to test them because I knew the sound would blow me away.

“Left Hand Free” by Alt-J

It’s amazing that my new favorite Netflix Original, Outer Banks, features so many awesome tracks! “Left Hand Free” is one of the most prominent, the soundtrack to the trailer as well as a part of the show itself. Its catchy, twangy aesthetic is the perfect background for the Pogues’ adventures, and sticks in my mind well after I finished the series for the first time.

Bonus track: “High School Lover” by Cayucas was also included in Outer Banks. I adore its bouncy, fierce bassline, and its meaning suits the Boneyard scene particularly well.

“Little Bastards” by Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale is one of my favorite bands to cover on bass, and I’m excited about learning one of their new tracks, “Little Bastards” on bass when I have the time during my hiatus. The song’s attitude really stands out to me; every beat is well-placed and adds to the overall track, especially the little nuances and breaths Remington adds to the vocals.

“Frown” by Trick the Riddle

The street team for Trick the Riddle’s earlier iterations helped me get a footing in the music world, something I will always be thankful for. One of their 2019 releases, “Frown” has a gorgeously twangy bassline, catchy chorus, and full feeling that makes it a regular on my playlist for working while at home.

“Asleep” by Touts

When my cousin recommended his friend’s band, I was expecting it to be good, but not quite this good (thanks, Oran)! I love the personality that shines through every playful, energetic measure of “Asleep.” Reminiscent of 70’s US punk bands in style, yet modern and unique in their instrumental lines and songwriting, Touts is the perfect band to bridge the gap between the generations. Touts would definitely make for a good live show, but in the meantime, the music video for “Asleep” is entertaining enough.

“Spaceman” by WD-HAN

The belting vocals that begin “Spaceman” should be evidence enough of why I included this track on my list. WD-HAN gives an apologetically powerful performance throughout the song, the energy never fading from any part of the performance. While “Spaceman” is punchy on the surface level, it doesn’t forget about leaving nuances for those of us with more detail-oriented ears: I love the bass fills and slides in the chorus!

“Infectious” by Imminence

I love hardcore bands with violin! Imminence has everything going for them in my book: a unique, distinctive style, music videos that rock, and (of course) musical talent. I love the variety of vocals included in their songs, particularly “Infectious,” that bring their genre from strictly post-hardcore/metalcore to something more melodic and complex.

“Pharoah 2.0” by The Omnific

The Omnific is one of those bands that gives me joy not only as a listener, but as a bassist. The fact that their music is mainly bass-based, precise, and, in a way, gentle, makes them utterly unique. I love to use “Pharoah 2.0” as a de-stresser as well as an inspiration for my own playing.

“Millennial” by The Stolen ft. Patternist

Easy to enjoy while working, relaxing, or doing pretty much anything, “Millennial” really gets stuck in my head after one listen. I love that the track is not only catchy, but has a lot going on in the lyrics as well. The Stolen definitely created something special with this one.

“Alrighty Aphrodite” by Peach Pit

If you’re looking for something groovy, but not too heavy, this is the track for you. I love everything about “Alrighty Aphrodite,” particularly the attitude of the bassline, its smooth vocals, and underlying energy. Peach Pit recently released a new album with more awesome tracks, but “Alrighty Aphrodite” will always be my favorite because it introduced me to their music.

I hope you’ll add some of my new favorites to your stuck-at-home playlist!


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