Fight the Darkness with Andreas Grannes

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[Andreas Grannes is a 30-year-old singer-songwriter. All images provided by the artist with permission for use in the review.]
In times like these, we all have our own darkness to fight.

Andreas Grannes, a 30-year-old singer-songwriter currently living in Kristiansand, Norway, knows this firsthand: His latest single, “Darkness” deals with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Andreas Grannes started his musical career as a hard-rock vocalist at age eighteen. Two years ago, he decided to make the switch to creating his own authentic, minimalist, and mellow acoustic tracks. This switch allowed him to better express his mental health struggles, resulting in the creation of “Darkness,” his fourth single release.

In Andreas’ own words, “When I started to write these lyrics I was in a bad place, but before I was finished with I felt I was in a better place. Therefore, the final sentences of the song ends it on a positive note. Now I feel the song can be helpful for many. Even if things look bad right now, better days will come.”

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[The single art for “Darkness” by Andreas Grannes.]
“Darkness” is a perfect reflection of the struggles that many of us are having with the current global issue of Coronavirus. Depression and anxiety are affecting many people worldwide, and it’s important to remember that, while it may seem like it, we are not alone in our fight.

“Darkness” highlights the hardships of mental health issues with a backdrop of warm acoustic guitar. Each note is clearly defined, but allowed to flow into one another with twinkling certainty and smooth slides. Soothing and strong in its softness, the instrumentals shine all on their own, a beacon of hope behind Andreas’ longing vocals. The lyrics, too, add dimension through masterful delivery and meaning: “Why can`t you see that shadow growing strong / No one knows what it feels like / No one knows at all / Oh how it consumes me / The darkness is here / No one knows what it looks like / No one knows for sure.” Andreas addresses the loneliness and hurt that comes with feeling like you’re the only one dealing with inner demons in a way that makes the fight beautiful in its sadness. Although the majority of the song shows his struggle, the final verse proves that there is always hope if you can just “Drop that thought / Go to sleep / Getting through.” Improving mental health is a daily endeavor, and “Darkness” is a great example of a track that truly understands this.

Later this year, Andreas plans to release his first EP, Miniature Man, which will be the final project of his minimalist acoustic project. After that, he will change his sound once again, becoming bigger and bolder.

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