A Day in My Life as a Music Blogger

Ever wonder how exactly my posts are made from start to finish? Whether you’re a curious reader, an aspiring writer, or a musician interested in submitting your work, it’s understandable that you might want to know a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, writing takes time, and so does running a blog with a scope like this one. I’m excited to give you a short behind-the-scenes look at my daily life as a music blogger!

Obviously, not every day looks the same, especially since I am a student. Below is a typical day during the semester for me, as accurately portrayed as possible….

8am: Wake up and leave for my first class around 8:45. I get there ridiculously early so my butt is in my chair for when class starts at 9:30, but I can get a lot done before the professor even arrives. If a post is being published, I typically send a link to the artist and do my social media promotion for it during this time frame, including writing the text, creating the graphic on Canva, and researching and adding hashtags. If I am publishing a Wednesday feature, I copy and paste the text and Canva graphic that I created earlier in the week for the post.

9:30am – 4:45pm: I am typically in class during this time period, depending on the day. If I have breaks during the day, I will use them to check my email and respond to artists or companies that may have contacted me. If time permits, I will also begin planning a post for the next week, or updating my calendar. Social media work also takes place during this period; I try to engage with other users by liking and commenting on their posts and following a few to make them aware of my account and the work I do. If I am running a promotion or need more artists to review, I will also post in music-related Facebook groups about it and potentially network a bit in my favorite group, Girls Behind the Rock Show, before logging off for more class time.

7pm: After dinner, I will choose to either focus on homework or write a post, depending on the day. I try to set a day to focus on each music review, particularly when it comes to album reviews, so I have ample time to really get into the sounds of each. I will listen to each track about three times, so reviewing can be pretty time-consuming before I even start writing. That being said, it’s a pleasant way to spend all that time!

11pm: After I finish writing, I’ll typically spend some time doing something else to relax and decompress after working all day. I try to get ready for bed and be attempting to fall asleep by 11, but my work never really stops: before bed, I tend to check my email once more and do a bit more work on social media before I go to sleep.

Obviously, weekends and workdays at my marketing job look a bit different, but my day-to-day life as a music reviewer is relatively consistent when it comes to what I do each day, even if the times change. If you’re interested in becoming a music blogger (or any kind of writer, honestly), consistency is the best thing you can do for yourself!

What does your daily life look like? I hope you enjoyed getting a peek at mine!


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