I’m 21!

Twenty one years ago today, the world gained another music reviewer: Happy birthday to me!

For most people, a 21st birthday is a big milestone: They can get into any concert, they can get a hotel room, and, most importantly, they can drink legally. For me, that last one doesn’t really matter.

As some of you may already know, I don’t drink. It’s a personal choice that I am proud of, but that I am questioned on a lot. Personally, I don’t like the taste of alcohol, the loss of control getting drunk entails, or the thought of putting something into my body that could result in harming myself or others, long or short-term. That being said, other people have their own reasons for their choice to be sober, and it isn’t always a great idea to ask. Just respect it!

The music industry often seems as if it revolves around alcohol and other drugs. Unfortunately, we have lost many talented musicians and others in the industry due to substance abuse. So, for my 21st birthday, I would like to make my readers aware of some great organizations that are working to change things for the better when it comes to drugs and alcohol in the music industry or the world as a whole.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation 

The goal of The Amy Winehouse Foundation aims to empower young people by showing them their true potential without substances. Through music therapy and direct support, the foundation helps them flourish.

Rock to Recovery

By helping musicians and non-musicians embrace the healing powers of music, Rock to Recovery sets people on a path that changes lives. Founded by Korn’s former guitarist, Wes Greer, the organization matches recovering musicians with others currently going through the process to create bands and produce real, heartfelt music.

Face the Music

This organization uses music to help heal. By increasing understanding about addiction, directly helping addicts to get clean and sober, and assisting in long-term recovery and maintenance, Face the Music wants to offer everyone a second chance.

Road Recovery 

Founded thanks to a tour manager’s own recovery, Road Recovery works to educate young people about addiction and create a strong peer support network.


Please consider donating to one of the above groups if you have the means! Thanks for reading!



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