A Review of EVERY Lush Hair Product I Have Ever Used!

As many of you know, I am a Lushie. In fact, I would go beyond that, if there was a title. I spend all of my spending money on either Lush products or food, and I can’t get enough of the results I get from all of my favorite skincare, haircare, and more. While Lush is expensive, there are some easy ways to get bang for your buck, and one of these ways is to shop in the hair care section! Not only do the solid shampoo bars give you the equivalent of 2-3 bottles of shampoo, but they actually changed my hair completely. I have the hair I always wanted, I’m saving the environment, and I get to save money: who wouldn’t want that?

For the record, my hair type is straightish (can curl loosely if I don’t brush it), moderately thick, and greasy or dandruffy depending on the day.

Below are all of the products I have ever used, plus what I think of them. Please note that I am not paid or otherwise compensated by Lush (although that would be GREAT and save me loads of money). Please also note that all images are from the Lush website and I hold no claim on them and claim no credit for them.

Seanik Shampoo Bar

“Flat hair no more!,” $11.95

“Soften tangled locks and add oceans of shine with this mineral-rich, volumizing shampoo bar. Seanik is made with ingredients from the sea: softening Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed make hair soft as silk from root to tip, and sea salt gives body and volume to hair that tends to fall flat. We’ve also added lemon oil for extra shine, and a sensual blend of floral oils to perfume your hair subtly all day long.”

Seanik is one of my most recent tries, and I’m still not 100% sure of my feelings on it. On one hand, it smells amazing. Very similar to the scent of Rub Rub Rub, Seanik’s smell is like a gateway to the beach and summertime. That being said, I’m not a fan of the matching beachy blue, as it leaves a splatter of color behind it whenever you place it down, even if it’s only slightly damp. Annoying, but not impossible to live with.

With conditioner, Seanik leaves my hair feeling its thickest and softest out of all the shampoo bars, but without, I get a jungle of tangles and hair that’s impossible to work with. If I want a thick, wavy beach hair moment, Seanik would be my pick out of all of Lush’s hair products. For my everyday hair needs, it isn’t the best choice.

Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar

honey wash.jpg
“Sweetly scented locks,” $10.95

“Lather up with this luscious honey shampoo and immerse yourself in our best-selling honey-toffee scent. With a generous helping of real fair trade honey, this sweetie of a bar will moisturize and soften hair without weighing it down, leaving it soft, bouncy and smelling irresistible. This solid, self-preserving bar will last for up to 80 washes (that’s the work of three bottles of liquid shampoo!) and requires no packaging. How cool is that?”

Honey I Washed my Hair is an absolute Godsend. The first shampoo bar I ever tried, it literally transformed my hair into what I always wished for: Smooth, shiny locks without frizz or dryness. It was like I took a straight iron to my hair, but without all the damage! Its smell is also heavenly; after I shower with it, my family always makes comments about how good the bathroom smells. I typically use this bar with the Jungle Solid Conditioner for amazing results. In my opinion, Honey I Washed My Hair is the best shampoo out there, and a definite must-try.

Montalbano Shampoo Bar

“Deep-cleansing lemon lather,” $10.95

“Attention, dull hair! Montalbano is on the case. Made with brightening Sicilian lemon oil, lemon juice and fresh olives, it’ll make hair shine bright like a diamond from root to tip. Our inventors have also added rosemary to this sudser to help keep irritated scalps soothed, while leaving hair smelling like a fresh citrusy grove with an herbal edge.”

I tried Montalbano from my boyfriend’s Lush stash. Unsurprisingly, given his affinity for citrus scents, it is one of the most lemony things I have ever smelled! It has a certain freshness to it that draws you in. Unfortunately, it was not a good fit for my hair, and left it a tangled, limp mess. On the upside, it did smell good! When my boyfriend uses Montalbano, it leaves his hair wavy and smooth with a lemony finish, so this one is obviously only for specific hair types that mine did not fall into the category of.

One thing to note about this product is that it does come with lemon slices in it, which leaves you with a bit (or a lot) less than another shampoo bar would, depending on your luck picking a bar. While the lemon is a cute addition, a different shampoo bar would get you better bang for your buck.

Trichomania Solid Shampoo

“Tame your mane with coconuts,” $10.95/3.5oz (cut your own size!)

“Our most hydrating solid shampoo, Trichomania is for hair that has lost its moisture and needs to be tamed. Moisturize and condition dry, processed, curly hair with a rich blend of creamed coconut and coconut oil. Coconut cream covers every strand in moisture to help tame frizz and make your dry or curly hair behave once again. We also blend in vetivert oil to calm your senses and give Trichomania a delightfully tropical scent.”

While I don’t find Trichomania as hydrating as Lush claims, I don’t use my conditioner with it, and my hair turns out soft and lightly wavy in a way I liked enough to buy a second bar. This is one of the cheapest Lush shampoo bars, especially since conditioner isn’t necessary with it, and one bar lasts literally forever. I swear the one I got almost two months ago is the same size! The only downside for this one is the slightly abrasive texture when you rub it between your hands, but I got over this quickly when I saw what it can do. Trichomania is a part of my typical weekly routine, as I switch on and off between this bar and Honey I Washed My Hair.

Avocado Co-Wash

“Avocado-cocoa butter mashup,” $15.95/3.5oz (cut your own size!)

“Wash and condition in one creamy step! The perfect balance of cleansing and hydrating ingredients leaves hair weightlessly moisturized without stripping away natural oils. Fresh avocados and a nourishing mix of cupuaçu butter, cocoa butter and shine-enhancing cider vinegar define curls, tame frizz and leave locks gleaming. Plus, its fruity bergamot scent will keep your mood sunny, too!”

I have tried Avocado Co-Wash twice, two years apart. The first go-around, I absolutely hated it. Even just a little bit left my hair stringy and greasy. When I got my mom’s leftover sample this summer, I was expecting the same results, but instead got soft, shiny, thick hair that I absolutely love! My hair type may have changed, or the water, but it was like I was using a different product. So, take this one with a grain of salt, and if you hate it the first time, don’t be afraid to keep trying!

Jungle Solid Conditioner

“Rich, fruity hydration,” $11.95

“Tame your mane with the fruitiest solid conditioner ever made. A fair trade organic cocoa butter base with fresh mashed bananas and avocados deep-conditions and smooths curly, dry or frizzy hair. Fresh figs, kumquats and passion fruit juice leave hair shiny, silky smooth and smelling like a tropical dream. Welcome to the jungle!”

Jungle is right up there with Honey I Washed My Hair in terms of my favorite Lush products! The smell is heavenly, and so are the results. When used with Honey I Washed My Hair, Jungle gives my hair the perfect amount of moisture and shine without frizz. I just wish Lush made more products in this scent family, because I would buy them all in a heartbeat!


If you’re looking to try a Lush hair product and don’t know where to start, going into a store and asking questions would be a great idea! If you’d rather take my advice, that’s okay too, but remember that my hair type may be different from yours. That being said, Lush has an amazing return policy, so if you use a product and hate it, you can just bring it back an try something new! What product are you going to try?


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