My Fitness Journey (So Far)….

Although I don’t post much about it publicly, I LOVE working out! I used to be the kid who dreaded gym class, so it’s a bit weird to say, but going to the gym is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m no expert on weight loss, fitness, or nutrition, but I enjoy pushing my body and seeing results with the (loose) program I developed for myself, and if sharing it helps someone else, then this post was worth it!

My goal in fitness is not necessarily to lose weight, but to shape my body in the way I want it, to get stronger (mentally and physically), and most importantly, to have fun challenging myself. This means that my plan is currently working for my goals, but it may not work for your goals or your body.

My visual starting point in January

I started my journey around January. My apartment at school has a gym (two, actually—one for weights, the other for cardio), and I found myself wandering inside one day, only to keep returning as each trip made me feel better and more motivated. While I wasn’t completely out of shape, it did take awhile to get used to the amount of activity, so I started off with one or two days a week.

My beginning routine was as follows:

30 reps rows

50 squats

30 leg extensions

30 dumbbell curls (each arm)

15 dumbbell lateral raises (each arm)

15 upright rows (each arm)

10 minutes elliptical

15 minutes bike

Occasionally some leg lifts and/or yoga

While this worked for awhile, results were slow because I didn’t really know what I was doing and had limited time and equipment. Once I got home from school in May, I was able to use my Planet Fitness membership. Once I got comfortable, the variety of machines I was able to use increased tenfold, and the results really started showing. With the addition of helping out at the barn every weekend, I had a solid fitness routine for five days out of the week.

My visual progress as of 8/6/19.

My routine adjusted gradually, but I built up to the following:

10 hanging leg raises

30 leg extensions

30 leg curls

30 torso rotations (each side)

50 seated leg presses

30 shoulder presses

30 tricep presses

30 incline presses

30 shoulder presses

30 glute machine reps (or as I like to call them, the leg whooshy machine reps)

30 hip abductions & extensions

30 back extensions

30 rows

15 minutes elliptical

30 minutes bike

One of my proudest accomplishments to date has been getting my ending weight of the hip abductions and extensions up to 145 pounds!

My visual progress as of 8/15/19

From the beginning of August to the end, I saw even further results after adding in work as a Pickleball coordinator into my routine. Playing Pickleball doesn’t seem hard, I know, but a good game really does make you sweat! The extra cardio did start to make a difference, and I’ll miss it (and all the wonderful members I got to play with!) when I go back to school.

My visual progress as of 8/2/19

Although I appear the slimmest in the two most recent photos, the scale shows the opposite, which is a fact I’m proud of. I’m also proud of the stretch marks on my bicep: They, along with my numerical weight gain from muscle, prove that I’m making progress, and serve as a reminder that change is possible. In fact, one of the biggest changes I have seen is in my arms! I’ve lost all flabbiness under my arms, and I was ecstatic to see my triceps actually defined when I looked back in the mirror. Since I would love to have Patina Miller Arms one day, it was a huge accomplishment!

Although it will be harder at school, I plan to keep up what I’ve been doing and possibly share it with you if this post goes over well. I love working out and getting mentally and physically stronger, and I hope you’re excited for my little updates every now and then.





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